3 Misconceptions About LinkedIn Ads

(Plus 4 Reasons Why People Fail With Them)


When it comes to LinkedIn ads, there are few misconceptions I would like to tackle before moving on with this guide.

It’s true that in most Linkedin ads accounts, the cost per click is outrageous. Almost to a degree where it is not justifiable from a business perspective.

The highest cost per click I have seen so far? $88.73

But this doesn’t have to be the case for you.

Assuming we're a good mutual fit, on our call, I’ll explain how to lower your CPC’s to a degree where it actually makes sense to run LinkedIn ads.

Misconception 1

"LinkedIn clicks are too expensive"

Yes, LinkedIn Ads are expensive when setting up the wrong way.

On Average in our internal campaigns, LinkedIn recommends spending $17.19 PER CLICK.

That doesn't have to be the case for you.

linkedin recommended cost per click


linkedin clicks

Misconception 2

"You can't generate leads on LinkedIn."

When I walk into companies asking how many leads and sales they are getting from LinkedIn Campaigns, I almost always get the same answers:

  • We don’t run Linkedin lead generation campaigns because they don’t work.
  • We tried them before but nobody seems to convert.
  • Our team is only running traffic campaigns.
  • Our goal is not to generate leads but ‘brand awareness’. Whatever that means.

As shown in the screenshot below. It is perfectly possible to gather leads on LinkedIn, you just have to understand the dynamics of the platform.



Misconception 3

"The average cost per lead is outrageous."

Your agency or marketer telling you that getting leads on LinkedIn is too expensive?

I have been personally running lead gen campaigns with a stable cost per lead below $12 for C-level decision makers even in industries where the competition is high.

There is absolutely no excuse for your industry to not run profitable lead generation campaigns.

linkedin ad results

linkedin cost per lead



4 reasons why people fail with LinkedIn ads

There are a lot of reasons why things aren’t working out with your ads. Yet, these are the most common mistakes I have seen B2B companies make. They don’t know:

1.  Which metrics to look for when optimizing campaigns.

2. Don’t know how to create winning ads using the AMO (Audience, Message, and Value Offer) framework.

3. Target the same exact audience as everybody else.

4. There is no clear sales and marketing alignment with a clear nurturing program.

Noticed how these things have really nothing to do with LinkedIn? You are right.

Because these are actually not platform-related problems..

It’s why companies fail in general on a daily basis with LinkedIn ads.

Yet, before we dive into what the advantages and disadvantages are of LinkedIn and get on a call, I want to make sure you understand the above so we're on the same page.

At the end of the day, LinkedIn ads work if done right.

The key is to clearly understand the platform, how your competitors are growing on the platform, and get creative to make the channel work for you.

If you are looking to go deep on LinkedIn Ads, our LinkedIn Growth Services is the perfect fit for you.

mike moynahan, founder