81 Unique LinkedIn Post Examples (Including Swipes)

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Mike Moynahan CEO, B2B Insiders

Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in Q4 2016, LinkedIn ad specs continue to undergo significant improvements.  In this blog post I'll show you 134 best LinkedIn ad examples of 2021.

When it comes to Linkedin, engaging is easy. Audience building is easy.

The hard part? Content.

I can’t even count how many times a week I hear “Lana, what should I post?!”

So here we are. I’m sharing 101 ideas so you won’t have to ask me that question again… or until you get through all of these posts 😉

Before you post, take a look at our videos coming soon on our LinkedIn Company Page to lay a strong foundation for your LinkedIn strategy.

Are you ready? Here we go!

1. Share something that inspires you.

Share where you get your inspiration from (walking in the park? working out? reading?) Or share who you get your inspiration from (an old coach? a celebrity? your grandma?)

2. Answer a common question you get from clients.

Don’t work directly with clients? Ask your account team or sales team what questions they get the most.

3. Answer a common question you get from your audience.

A few months ago, we implemented the #AskJakeAnything campaign and have since curated hundreds of questions. Even if your audience isn’t asking you questions yet, they will be after some consistent content. This makes for really strong posts. ⭐Bonus points if you tag the person who asked the question!

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4. Create a persuasive post.

Present your side of a topic that your industry is split on. Ask your audience what their opinion is in the comments. The more controversial, the more engagement, but be careful on this one.

5. Predict the future.

We’re all curious about the future. Speculating about can can generate really strong engagement in your comments. Share your predictions on how things in your industry will change, what the future of the industry looks like, what the future of companies look like, etc.

6. React.

Share your thoughts on a notable piece of content is published by someone else. Do you agree? Disagree?

7. Create a top 10 list.

Top 10 lessons learned? Top 10 favorite books? Top 10 reasons why something doesn’t work? Top 10 reasons to fire someone? There’s a million options. ⭐Bonus points: add a question at the end that asks your audience what they would add to your top 10 list.

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8. Create or share an infographic.

It’s the easiest medium to share data in a simple to digest way. Use Canva to create your own, or curate someone else’s (but don’t forget to give them credit!)

9. Share the story of how you got to where you are.

What was your path to getting to the company you’re at? How did you get promoted? How did you graduate college? How did you get to a good mental or physical place in life?

10. Welcome the newbies.

If you’re in a place where you are gaining followers quickly, periodically post something that welcomes new followers, gives them an intro of what to expect on your page, and gives them some baseline tips.

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11. Spotlight how a customer uses your product/service.

Is there a client that uses your product in a unique way? How do your clients or users maximize what they are getting out of your product?

12. Show what happens if you DON’T make a move.

You’re probably used to talking about the results if your clients use your product or service, but what are the risks if they don’t use it? What are they missing out on?

13. Talk about a common misconception in your industry.

No, working in sports isn’t glamorous. No, sales people aren’t all pushy. No, just because you work in travel doesn’t mean you get to travel every week. No, technology doesn’t have to be intimidating. What’s the misconception in your industry or your role and how can you address that?

14. Reveal your process.

You can be serious or silly… like Dave’s post below. 😂


15. Do a roundup of your tech stack.

What tools do you use? Why? ⭐Bonus points if you tag the companies!

16. Crowdsource your post.

Example: ask 10 people in your office the best advice they would have for someone that wants to get into your industry. Boom. You now have a post of “10 Travel Professionals Share Advice on Breaking into the Industry”

17. Re-post.

Identify your top performing post six months ago. Repost it! (don’t re-share)

18. Would you Rather?

Prompt your audience with a thought provoking, silly, or serious “would you rather” question.

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19. Share the history of your company or brand…

… and how it’s meaningful to you. Unless it’s not. Then don’t do this.

20. Share what you learned from the last book you read

⭐Bonus points: Ask your audience if they have ever read the same book, and ask what they took away from it.

21. Share a highlight from your favorite podcast.

⭐Bonus points: tag the podcast host!

22. Take a selfie video.

Don’t be afraid of being on camera, you don’t need high production value to be effective. Make sure to share value in the copy as well. ⭐Bonus points: add a Linkedin sticker to your video! The algorithm favors post “additions” like stickers.

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23. Share a throwback.

Where were you in life 5 years ago today? 10 years ago? What do you wish you knew back then?

24. Comment on industry news.

How does this effect your industry? Your company? Your role? Your day-to-day? Is this news positive or negative?

25. Share advice on what your audience needs to START doing.

26. Share advice on what your audience needs to STOP doing.

This post was too long to embed 🤦🏼‍♀️ but here’s a great example!

27. Share a meme.

Yes, they are silly. Just make sure it’s relevant to your audience!

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28. Share your biggest challenge of the week.

29. Share your biggest win of the week.

30. Post a fill-in-the-blank.

This helps boost conversation with your community.

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31. Share relevant industry data and what that means for you.

32. Pros/Cons.

Contrast 2 strategies, tools, roles, etc with a “pros” and “cons” list.

33. Call out a specific audience.

“SEO Managers – Here’s what You Need to Know about Google’s New Algorithm Updates” will most likely perform better than “Here’s what You Need to Know about Google’s New Algorithm Updates”

34. Call out a specific situation.

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35. Go Live.

This option isn’t available for everyone, but you can apply here. If you don’t get accepted, ask someone who does have Live access if you can be a guest on an upcoming Linkedin Live.

36. Post a roundup of people you admire.

Who should your audience follow? Tag them!

37. Share do’s and don’ts.

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38. Share a screenshot that you recently saved.

Maybe it was a tweet, a quote, a thought you jotted down in your notes app, or just something that you found valuable.

39. Spotlight companies that stand out.

What can you learn from them? ⭐Bonus points: tag them!

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40. Speculate.

Speculate on how things might be different by framing your post accordingly. Example: What would the result be if X happened instead of Y? How would our industry look different if A never B?

41. Share your best productivity or time-saving hack.

42. Share your morning routine, work routine, or how you plan your day.

43. Write a love letter to your job, industry, or career.

Why do you do what you do? Why are you passionate about it?

44. The Plan.

Share a step-by-step plan of how to accomplish or overcome something.

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45. Share an obstacle you’ve had to overcome.

46. Viral content commentary.

Identify content around a topic that’s been getting a lot of social shares and comment on the topic. ⭐Bonus points: look at what hashtags are “trending” on Linkedin.

47. Compare and contrast.

What’s the difference between X and Y?

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48. Face objections.

What are some objections your prospects often have? Address these head-on.

49. Re-share a tweet.

For some reason, screenshots of tweets do really well on all platforms, including Linkedin. It’s probably due to our dwindling attention spans…

Terri did a fantastic job of overlaying a tweet on a photo, but the tweet screenshot is sufficient, too!

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50. Share a milestone.

Or brag about something you’re excited about. Yes, you have permission to pat yourself on the back on Linkedin! Own it!

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51. Interview a team member.

Or your boss. Or your client. What can we learn from them?

52. Post a roundup of what you learned at the last event you attended.

Or webinar… or course… or Keynote.

53. Identify similarities in outliers.

What do your most successful sales reps have in common? What do your highest performing social media channels have in common? What do billionares have in common? What do interns that are offered a full time position have in common?

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54. Humanize yourself.

People engage with blogs that they like and trust. Share a flaw. Introduce your dog. Talk about your commute. Anything that makes you more real.

55. Company news or product update.

If you have loyal customers, give them an update here or there. But don’t be salesy about it, just be informative and educational.

56. Share what should be talked about more.

What isn’t talked about enough that you want to bring attention to?

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57. Listicle

Lists are SO easy for your audience to consume. ⭐Bonus points: make bullet points with emojis or dashes.

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58. Go behind the scenes.

Show the process you did to make content, give an office tour, describe a recent experience at an event– all of these are good behind the scenes topics for you to create.

59. Throw out a sports reference.

Or star wars reference. Or anything that your audience already understands. It will make the topic you’re teaching about so much easier to grasp. ⭐Bonus points: read the book “Made to Stick.” It expands on this principle a lot more.

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60. Promote your service.

But do it sparingly. Only ~ 1 post out of every 20 should be promotional.

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61. Comment.

Comment on someone else’s post. Engagement IS content!

62. Ask your network to introduce themselves.

Think of Linkedin like a 24/7 networking party. Make some introductions!

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63. Get input.

Ask your followers what they want to see or learn from you.

64. Co-market.

Create a post or a video with someone else. Leverage each other’s audiences.

65. Start a content series.

Marketing Mondays. Sales tech Tuesdays. HR wisdom Wednesdays. Follow Fridays. Smart hack Saturdays. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious content Sundays. Make it your own. The possibilities are endless.

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66. Ask a lofty question.

In a perfect world, how would you X? If you had unlimited money, what would you buy? If every job had a salary of $1,000,000, what would be your career path?

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67. Ask an open ended question.

And watch the discussion blossom!

68. Share quick tips.

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69. Share a quote.

And explain why it’s meaningful to you.

70. Create a recipe or equation.

Content + engagement + audience building = Linkedin success!

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71. Try SlideShare.

Use Canva to make a mini-deck, export as a PDF, and upload!

72. Share a bite-size piece of content.

Linkedin content doesn’t HAVE to be long. Snackable content? Yummy!

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73. Create a challenge for your audience.

Give your audience an actionable challenge. Have them comment when the challenge is complete and showcase the people who are participating!

74. Ask a survey-style question.

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75. Repurpose an existing blog.

Share the top 5 most important insights from the blog. ⭐Bonus points: the link should go in the comments, NOT the body!

76. Create a multi-post post.

If your idea is really long, break up the post into multiple parts. ⭐Bonus points: consolidate all the posts to make a Linkedin blog!

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77. Make a Linkedin article.

Just like this one! 🙋🏼‍♀️

78. Use emojis in a unique way.

Make a picture. Explain a concept. Emojis are visual and capture your audience’s attention really well. Try it out!

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79. Quiz your audience.

How much do they *really* know? Let’s find out!

80. Offer some motivation.

Channel your inner Tony Robbins.

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81. Give value.

Above all, give value. ☀️

Wow, you made it to the end! Congrats on having EIGHTY SEVEN new content ideas!

If you create any posts around these ideas, please tag me, I’d love to see them and engage with them!

And if you want MORE content ideas, let me know, I’d be happy to make a part 2.

If you prefer to watch the video later in YouTube click here for the link.