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If you're looking for a traditional B2B marketing agency, you're in the wrong place.


Michael Moynahan, Founder @ B2B Insiders



B2B Insiders was founded when Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in Q4 2016.  Once a graveyard filled with key B2B decision makers, LinkedIn has become a leading channel for B2B client acquisition and is rapidly deploying new live stream capabilities and ad features that only a select few are leveraging properly.

It's critical to note however, that LinkedIn while a great source of B2B sales, is far more effective when combined with other marketing channels your customers rely heavily on.

The key is to be everywhere, all the time.

That builds trust.

Trust leads to conversions.

About Michael

Michael Moynahan is a 3X Founder & CEO with 2 previous acquisitions.  He specializes in behavioral analytics and buyer psychology, and the science behind what makes a someone take action and "convert" in a digital environment.

Over the course of his 12 year career as an entrepreneur, Michael has partnered with 500+ B2B organizations ranging from funded startups and Fortune 100 organizations, to the U.S. Government.

He has managed a total of $42M+ ad spend.

Michael is a voracious reader, and is currently working on his first book titled:

"</endrant>. The Digital Cracks Forming in Modern American Democracy."


Well, this is Michael writing this copy.

I may as well switch to the 1st person.

Briefly, a bit more about me.

I partner with strong network of venture capital firms to ensure their B2B portfolios remain profitable while keeping their cost per customer acquisition as low as possible.

Due to the 1 on 1 nature of the one service I offer, I work only with 10 clients every month. I'm also very selective in who I give my time to.

>>I have no intention of building a marketing agency.<<

Frankly, I don't get along with most marketing agencies. I've found in my 12 years of experience that the majority of them don't know what they are doing. They over-promise and under deliver.  Leaving customers burned, jaded, and unsure what to do next or who to look to.

Whether we work together or not, I strongly suggest that you don't buy into the hype. 

At the very least, let me help you cut through the noise.

To speak with me, click here to fill out a quick questionnaire. If it looks like we may potentially be a good fit, you'll be directed to my calendar where you have the option to schedule a Zoom meeting. Looking forward.