future of linkedin

The Future of the “New” LinkedIn [Plus 11 Amazing New Features!]

The Future of the “New” LinkedIn [Plus 11 Amazing New Features!] If you’re a decision maker in a B2B company and responsible for filling your sales pipeline and LinkedIn is not your top traffic source. Your behind the times, and it’s time to catch up. Back in 2017, I wrote an article on LinkedIn about…

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can you add a gif to linkedin

Can You Upload a GIF to LinkedIn? [Updated for 2022]

Can You Upload a GIF to LinkedIn? This feature to our dismay it a thing of the past. As of January 2022, LinkedIn image guidelines state that only PNG and JPEG formats are accepted when you upload an images for a logo or cover image. Users in marketing forums started reported issues uploading GIFs as…

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linkedin background photo

3 Tricks for the Perfect LinkedIn Background Photo

LinkedIn Background Photos When it comes to your background image, review these considerations and 3 tips for the optimal image to make your profile standout: Light blue section of the template below is the space you have for your LinkedIn background photo image Consider adding an image, text and/or logo, or a compelling CTA Teal…

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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Stories in 2022

LinkedIn Stories Why should LinkedIn Stories play a significant role in your LinkedIn Strategy for 2021? Stories on other platforms have proven themselves to be extremely powerful. According to a recent Hootsuite survey, 500 million users engage with Instagram Stories every day and up to 25% of users swipe up on stories. These are incredibly powerful…

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how to add interests on LinkedIn

How To Add Interests on LinkedIn Profile Pages

How To Add Interests On LinkedIn Profile Pages Linkedin is one of the biggest social media networks for B2B marketing, not to mention personal and professional branding and lead generation. But sometimes it’s difficult to navigate certain features. So if you are wondering how to add interests on your LinkedIn profile pages, look no further.…

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linkedin company page optimization guide banner

The Most Powerful LinkedIn Company Page Optimization Guide for 2022

LinkedIn Company Page Optimization Guide Is your personal LinkedIn profile growing steadily? Perfect. Now, it’s time to take it to the next level and connect all that lovely free, warmed up traffic to your LinkedIn Company page. If you really want to grow your brand and give it the recognition it deserves, you need a LinkedIn company…

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how to create customer personas

How to Create Customer Personas The Right Way In 2022

How to Create Customer Personas If you’re starting out hunting for new prospects, without an ideal customer persona in your hand, you’re doing it wrong You’ve got to start with your ideal customer persona. It isn’t as glamorous as crafting multidimensional funnels from the get-go, but it’s critical to making sure your campaigns work. In…

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how to block a company on linkedin

5 Quick Tips On How to Block a Company on LinkedIn in 2022

5 Quick Tips On How to Block a Company on LinkedIn in 2022 [Updated] You may also want to know why your LinkedIn account is suddenly restricted. HOW TO BLOCK A COMPANY ON LINKEDIN IN 2022 [Updated] I am with you.  Could be a nice ‘easy’ feature to have.  But don’t expect it anytime soon. There…

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linkedin marketing

5 Simple Tricks To Boost Your LinkedIn Marketing in 2022

With over 660 million registered professionals, LinkedIn is by far the largest resource for B2B marketers to leverage for their customer acquisition efforts. The right LinkedIn strategy can be a gamechanger for your personal brand and business. In this post, you’ll discover some of the best tricks to scale your LinkedIn efforts profitably. Why LinkedIn Marketing?…

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