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Host: Mike Moynahan, CEO, B2B Insiders
Custom Packages Starting at $5,000

Proven ROI & Process
While our funnels are custom, are system and processes to achieve your KPI's are not.  Avoid costly mistakes and bring structure to your demand generation pipeline.  Our client results eons above industry standard outcomes for each phases of the buyer journey with plenty of proof.
Live 1: 1 Access

You get a 4X Founder & VC Backed Growth Hacker (me) setting everything up for you (or your team).  Copywriting, tech stack, A/B testing, optimization, LinkedIn campaign, the whole thing.  The Workshop training simply shows you how and when to push the 'Go' button.  Then it's just responding to leads.

OnGoing Support

While the Live training is usually 4-5 hours, I NEVER leave a client until we are both 100% confident in pushing the 'Go' button, and all questions are answered.  Ongoing support will be made available if you prefer to have the person who built everything continuing to test and monitor for you.

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"Due to the  live, 1 on 1 nature of the training and
my doing all the implementation personally,
please be advised I only work with 10 customers per month."