Can You Upload a GIF to LinkedIn? [2021 Experiment]

Can You Upload a GIF to LinkedIn?

This feature to our dismay it a thing of the past. As of January 2021, LinkedIn image guidelines state that only PNG and JPEG formats are accepted when you upload an images for a logo or cover image.

Users in marketing forums started reported issues uploading GIFs as profile pictures to their LinkedIn Company Page in February 2019.

If you read a blog post or watch a video sharing it’s possible, make sure you double check the date of creation. The LinkedIn images guidelines are here.

Note: Still see a Company brand page with a GIF profile picture? There’s a good chance they never changed their logo image and were grandfathered in. Once they update it, it’s likely gone for good.

So that begs the question…

Can You Upload a GIF to LinkedIn? (2021)

Looking to upload a GIF to LinkedIn? Use the image upload format and select your GIF. That’s it.

Here’s what you can and can’t do with GIFs on LinkedIn Company Pages in 2021:

You can upload GIFs as an image Page update format that will look the same as adding a photo:

Can You Upload a GIF to Your LinkedIn Profile Picture?


Can You Upload a GIF on LinkedIn – Article header

Firstly, there’s an opportunity to add a header image at the top of our article. It’s the main image that comes before the text. I’ve uploaded a GIF to this article, by downloading a GIF and uploading it to this post.

At first, it looks like it worked. The animation shows in the post preview, but after publishing, the GIF is nowhere to be seen and has disappeared when heading back to the article editor.

You can upload GIFs in LinkedIn articles which is a great way to get additional eyeballs on any other your other blog content and simply repurpose it for a Pulse article (wink wink).

Can You Upload a GIF to Your LinkedIn Profile Picture?

Can you upload a GIF to LinkedIn? (2021)

As of January 2021, LinkedIn still does not support GIFs as a photo upload format for your personal pages. That means…

  1. You can not upload GIFs as a profile picture
  2.  You can not upload GIFs as a cover image
  3. Can you upload a GIF to LinkedIn as a media sample? Yes.

*The first frame will display, but the entire gif won’t fully animate.

So there you go. Given the popularity of GIFs in user-generated and professional social media content alike, I would be surprised if can you upload a GIF to LinkedIn in the near future is a resounding “yes!”.

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