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There is a process to build and scale B2B lead generation campaigns. The reason these are effective starts with lead magnets that attract prospects with value, natural appointment setting funnels, and expert campaign management.

Expert Asset Tracking enables construction companies to keep track of your high value equipment and machinery by combining intelligent hardware with powerful software.

Expert Asset Tracking

Targeting specific C-level decision makers, we used proprietary targeting tactics to focus in on the decision makers we knew had already interacted with similar products and services and leveraged with a bit of "grey hat" competitor spying.  We also leveraged each of their employee accounts to contribute to the omni channel approach.

EAA has added over $125,000 in new business, and is serving thousands of happy customers.

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Meraki Go is a cloud-based, do-it-yourself networking solution for small businesses.
Meraki Go

To find the best prospects who match their offerings, we leveraged the client's existing assets which turned out to be a treasure trove of data just waiting to be leveraged across personalized outbound messaging, status updates, ad audiences, and content to be re-purposed in multiple formats to get the most value possible.

B2B Insiders started new omni channel campaigns for Meraki Go, beginning in the US, and expanding to include other international countries including the U.K. and Canada.

Cireson has reached over a 100k small business owners in their niche market, worldwide, and closed $724,000 in sales.







Previously they were struggling with LinkedIn Ads as their primary marketing channel and were and wasting money on broad searches that included people who couldn't afford the 6-7 service offerings they provided.

We used LinkedIn Ads to target VP/Director level Product Managers and IT decision makers to attract qualified leads, but fed their LinkedIn pixel with data to scale their re-targeting campaigns with only highly vetted prospects that had already received multiple touch points across multiple channels.

We used micro segmentation to address the varying pain points for each customer segment.

The result - a streamlined omni channel approach that now fills their sales pipeline with 200 leads per week, with close rates seeing a +20% uptick.


big data saas concentre



big data saas platform

This sales organization empowers B2B tech companies SELL by increasing their client's close rates.

Their ideal customer is a senior sales and marketing leader in a growing company. We used a LinkedIn Ads campaign to target this C-level audience, retargeting prospects from not just a conversion event, but an email open.

sales impact academy

Leads are nurtured via LinkedIn, to email, back to LinkedIn, outbound sales call, back to LinkedIn ads, over to LinkedIn messages then email once more.

The result- over 30+ SQL's per month per SDR. 


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