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mike moynahan founder & ceo, b2b insiders

If I see one more "Are You Ready to Generate 10-20 Leads like Clockwork with Zero Ads?" ad...

Well, it'll make me feel quite squeamish.

Lead generation has a dirty connotation to it.  With good reason.

There is no 'secret sauce'.

There is no 'magic bullet'.

After founding 4 businesses, 2 VC backed, 1 successful acquisition, and literally thousands of mistakes..

I say with confidence the skepticism is justified.

We're here to change that.

With over 1,200 active customer accounts, the is the Linked Accelerator has proven to be a lead generation juggernaut.

A 100% done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation service.

Expert copywriting, audience targeting best practices, daily execution.

Finally, two more brief points worth noting:

1- We believe in shooting straight - meaning 100% transparency on expectations, communication and deliverables.

2- We ask our customers extend us a similar courtesy, by treating our team with respect.

We appreciate your patience as you complete the brief questionnaire and schedule a call on the next page.

While we know this is a lot to ask, consider this the 'noise net' part of our funnel, filtering the competitors and tire-kickers.

Prior to our scheduled call, please be prepared to discuss specific KPI's, goals, marketing data collected to date, etc.

That way we can make the absolute best use of our time.

Thanks for reading.


Not All 'Leads' Are Created Equal

We strictly define a lead as:

1- Sales Appointment: Scheduled appointment or demo

2- Warm Referral: Specific contact info and referral to with actual decision maker

This way you know exactly what you're getting by partnering with us.

2nd-to-None Audience Insights

Our customer facing campaign Performance Dashboard has second-to-none data analytics on the top audiences engaging with your content most.

Log in daily to track B2B Insiders campaign performance and respond to leads right in your dashboard.  Our newest feature now gives you  access to invaluable information like the specific business titles, companies and even geographies, not just from all prospects.  But the prospects engaging with you the most.  The top 1%.


Data Driven Copywriting

Let's face it, good copywriting is expensive.

Thankfully, we have a solution for that too.

Because we manage over 1,000 active accounts, we extract the highest performing campaigns targeting similar audiences, then try and beat the previous campaign results.

On average, over 120 confirmed leads are delivered to our clients' inbox every day.

Best In Class Security

This one is HUGELY important.  Hire someone that doesn't know what you're doing, and your profile will get banned. 

Out of over 1,000 accounts, we've never had a single issue.  Don't take on unnecessary risk.


Long Term Customer Relationships

Listen.  We LOVE LinkedIn.  But not for the reasons you may think.  To say that LinkedIn messaging is the end all be all of B2B lead generation, is simply not true.

LinkedIn is a critical part of building a proper full funnel journey for your prospects.  It's the top B2B platform for capturing the 3% of your prospects ready to buy now.

Where things get REALLY interesting is in the campaign data we extract for you, and make available in your dashboard.  You can leverage this data in many different ways to lower your cost per acquisition (CPA) across all marketing channels.  We can help with this too.

Programmatic Growth Hackers

While managing LinkedIn messaging campaigns for a Fortune 500 customer, they challenged us to solve an email deliverability issue they were facing.

After a deep dive, we identified that their domains records were not properly set up, and the domain hadn't been properly 'aged'. 

This meant thousands of emails ending up in the SPAM folder.  A true waste of time, money and resources.

We agreed on next steps, and got to work not only on the tech, but proper A/B testing of subject lines and copy.

As you can see, their email campaigns now yield 100% inbox deliverability, with ~80% open rates and ~30% positive reply rates.

Leading to a significant increase in ROI. 

Outbound Email

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