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Michael Moynahan, CEO of B2B Insiders

"Lead Generation" has a dirty connotation to it.

And with good reason!

You see lead generation companies.

I see used car dealerships.

Horribly written copy, lackluster results, LinkedIn profiles getting banned...

The list of 'business faux pas' goes on and on.

We're here to change that.

Ultimately we're building a B2B marketplace.

And our first and flagship product is LinkedIn's #1 Full Service Platform.

We've baked custom tools, copywriting services, B2B growth hacking services, and truly amazing support into our platform.

The platform solves the top three pain points we hear from new B2B customers all the time:

  1. Cost: "I spent thousands with other agencies- zero ROI"
  2. Flexibility: "I couldn't provide any insight on the copy or targeting. Support disappears on me"
  3. Quality: "The lead quality was poor. Copywriting was clearly written overseas."

Here are a few more reasons why all sorts of B2B companies on LinkedIn trust us with their lead generation:

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Strict Lead Definition


We strictly define a lead as:

1- Sales Appointment: Scheduled appointment or demo

2- Warm Referral: Specific contact info and referral to with actual decision maker

Performance Dashboard

Clients log in daily to their Performance Dashboard to track overall performance, download data, and sync their campaign data with their CRM of choice.

Get access to live team interaction to discuss your campaign results, and changes to put in the queue with your dedicated customer support team.


Data Driven Campaigns

Across over the 1,200 client accounts we manage we have sample results and test from pretty much every vertical, with every variation of our best copy already tested.

We know exactly what best practices should be implemented immediately to ensure you get the best results possible, as fast as possible. 

The copy and targeting is the secret sauce - and for customer eyes only!

Unbeatable, Put-To-The-Test Messaging

Let's face it, good copywriting is expensive.

Thankfully, we have a solution for that, too.

Because we manage over 1,000 active accounts, we extract the highest performing campaigns targeting similar audiences, then try and beat the previous campaign results.

On average, over 120 confirmed leads are delivered to our clients' inbox every day.


Best In Class Security

This one is HUGELY important.  Hire someone that doesn't know what you're doing, and your profile will get banned. 

Say bye-bye to all the invaluable social capital you've built over the years with new connections and relationships!

  • High Converting Messaging Sequences - Proven to convert based on millions messages sent.

  • Micro-Segmented Audiences - Hyper targeted qualified prospect lists based on who we know to be most active out of the target audience as defined by your company.

  • A/B Testing & Optimization - We test everything, and make only data driven decisions on how to pick and beat the winners.

  • Advanced Customer Insights - Our Performance Dashboard will provide advanced insights and analytics on the exact makeup of your target prospects that are most interested in hearing what you have to say!


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