As a serial entrepreneur, 4X founder and CEO, I've made just a few shy of 1m considerable screw ups.  Learned 10X that along the way in the form of invaluable lessons.

Any wins, were a derivative of timing markets properly, with highly effective, SUSTAINABLE marketing strategies.

So with that said, when I saw that Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in Q4 of 2016 for $26.2B, I jumped with joy.

We re-branded our agency to B2B Insiders.  And immediately began applying for all sorts of trademarks and copyrights.

At the time, LinkedIn what was a digital graveyard re: engagement and advertising capability.

BUT, the platform was (and is even more so today) FILLED with key B2B decision makers, lurking for high value content.


So, we bet on the fact Microsoft would improve LinkedIn in 3 significant areas to justify the $26.2B acquisition cost.

1- Microsoft would integrate LinkedIn with existing product suites

2- They would update their ads platform.  This was most exciting, as they were decades behind FB from a features/functionality perspective.

3- Kick out the SPAM'ers, and advance the algorithm to more accurately reward high quality content.

Exciting assumptions, none of which were considered a stretch by any means.

Three months post acquisition, I began chipping away as to the 'why' my team and I focus on LinkedIn, and only on LinkedIn.

Some helpful resources, for additional proof (and value):

Three months post Microsoft acquisition, I began talking about how to "Retarget Your LinkedIn Connections on Facebook Advertising"
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May of 2017, I wrote the following LinkedIn Pulse article: "3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Poised to Become the Next Dominant Traffic Source"
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August of 2017: "Here's Why LinkedIn Video Sharing Will Be A Revelation for B2B Marketers"
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You might be thinking, "Great.  Good call, Mike!  What's it mean for me?"

A valid question, one which I'll answer with a question for YOU, in return.

LinkedIn clearly is in growth mode - are you taking full advantage this?

Are you leveraging new LinkedIn features, as they launch, staying ahead of your competitors?

This is how fast the marketing world moves.

It's time to keep up.  Or at the very least, hire a team like us to make sure you do.

We believe in two things:

1- Generating Immediate ROI for clients

2- Building for the long term.  With sustainable marketing strategies.  Let me say that again - sus·​tain·​able marketing strategies.

See, the days of blasting out 200 messages a day to prospects and NOT getting your account banned are long over.

If you interview a lead generation agency, and their packages differ based on volume, here's some advice.


"Volume" doesn't exist anymore.

That is unless, you are perfectly OK with getting your LinkedIn accounts banned.

Solutions for Aggressive Early Stage Growth

What's REALLY exciting us now are the ways in which LinkedIn's advertising platform is making their cost-per-clicks MUCH more affordable (ex. we used to pay $10-$15 PER click to reach a C level decision maker). 

Now, that is our cost per acquisition (CPA) for a marketing qualified lead (MQL).

Not just a click, but a qualified lead from the exact same target audience.

How is this possible?

Our strategies while built on a concrete marketing foundations that evolve and scale alongside LinkedIn -
as the platform continues to evolve in it's own ways.

Other improvements making us jump for joy?

LinkedIn "live" i.e. live streaming for personal and company pages.

A brand new feature that could quite possibly replace traditional webinars entirely.

Personalization at "Scale"

We use a proprietary method custom designed for early stage growth B2B companies.  What do all early stage businesses need? 

More customers.  More customers, fast.  And acquired CHEAP.

We have one proprietary marketing framework - the Personalization at Scale®️ Method.

At a high level, we use LinkedIn messages, ads, Personal profiles and Company pages in a way I personally haven't seen being done by anyone else.

Our framework leads to sustainable long term growth, short term profitability.

Whatever your cost per acquisition (CPA) for a new customer is, we'll reduce it by AT LEAST 30%.

Admittedly vague re: our process. But done so with intent.

If you're interested in learning more, watch the webinar and schedule a call with our team.


P.S. Before you do get in touch, I MUST say the following (not doing so has raised my blood pressure in the past):

1 - We do not work with teams that micro-manage.

We look for amazing B2B individuals and companies that understand this and are easy to work with.

2- We do not offer white label services!  Everything we do, our software, etc is proprietary. All proprietary value stays 'in house'.

3- No marketing agencies, with the exceptions being [1] your business is in growth mode or [2] admittedly new to LinkedIn.

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