As a 4X Founder, my marketing career began in the trenches running campaigns for high-growth B2B SaaS companies from seed stage to scaling.

As MQLs and leads skyrocketed and marketing crushed quotas – frustration set in as revenue didn’t climb at the same pace.

I went through 4 agencies that continued to hammer the need for better content, better ads, and better landing pages.

When that didn’t work I was convinced I just needed to do ABM and build sales and marketing alignment – just measure success on “marketing influenced revenue”.

Then more vendors and agencies convinced me I just needed to better align to revenue results and when that didn’t work – well just win on brand they said.

I was stuck in a false struggle. I realized I wasn’t fixing the problem, I was only addressing symptoms.

I was too busy chasing areas that have a 1% – 5% change on growth trajectory.

And this wasn’t the only problem when you’re stuck in the false struggle.

Customer acquisition costs skyrocket, the marketing payback period gets longer, marketing win rate decreases, sales and marketing friction mounts, and your budget and marketing activities are under constant scrutiny.

When I finally realized this I pressed pause on what I was doing. It was at this moment I realized  almost all of marketing in B2B is broken.

I started to find a new path, and this new path has resulted in 100% of our customers seeing a positive ROI with us. Click here to get started.


Shifts Happening in B2B Marketing


Every company goes out and spouts “why us”. They put their G2 quadrant front and center on their website. They compile a list of reasons and stats to prove that you should use their solution.  They SPAM their prospects on LinkedIn.

Your buyers don’t buy into your claims and they hear all the same claims from your competitors.

So what do you do? You stop playing the game.

The first step is to shift a buyer-centric approach to marketing. 

This sounds minor but so many companies struggle with it.

Companies focus on getting demos because it means sales gets to talk with someone when their buyers wanted a free trial.

They add company size to inbound lead forms so that sales can qualify buyers out before they even have a conversation.

Put pricing behind a sales wall or they create gated ebooks so they can drop unsuspecting buyers into a sales cadence.

You want to “get more” from your marketing spend. More demo requests from Google Ads and paid search. More ebook downloads from LinkedIn & Facebook ads. More leads from your gated 4 minute demo video. More meetings from your ABM direct mail campaigns. It’s all about you.

In the fight for new customers – you’re actually losing.

Why does this matter? Today the buyer has all the power – they’re not reaching out to sales to learn about your product or understand why they need it. They’re learning about the product on their terms.

Adopting a buyer-centric approach to marketing fundamentally shifts how you market your product.

When you stop spending on what you want you start creating marketing that actively engages and informs buyers.

You start to give your customers the information they are looking for. Answers to the questions they’re asking and offering actionable advice.

This starts to build trust and begins the process of product consideration. Your marketing will start to create real demand.

The second shift starts with establishing your narrative.

When lead-based marketing stops working most companies claim they need to align to revenue by driving more demo and trial requests as well as creating additional brand awareness.

They create case studies, demo ads, G2 quadrants, review websites, and the list goes on.

But this doesn’t make you stand out as different from your competitors it just makes them aware that you exist.

Most of your competitors run ads and create content that assumes buyers care about solving a problem so everything is focused on convincing them to buy their solution.

“Let me tell you why our product is better”.

This works for the 1% of buyers in buy mode (B2B buyers actively looking for a solution) and recognize they have a problem worth solving. But, eventually marketing demand reaches a plateau where inbound volume stagnates and revenue can’t outpace market demand.

What you need to focus on is the 99% of buyers not in buy mode, and your marketing isn’t meant to focus on telling them they need a solution or build “awareness” – it’s meant to show why your buyer cares about solving their problems in the first place.

This is a lot better than claiming you have the best product.

Your marketing will start to shift from focusing on what you’re selling to challenging the way your buyer is operating today so that they take action.


How can we help?


I started this agency because I realized most agencies don’t understand B2B marketing metrics, B2B buyers and the shifts happening in buyer behavior.

Most of them never even worked in a B2B company.

If you’re looking for incremental progress and want better ads and more content so you can get a handful of extra leads a month those agencies are everywhere we call them marketing agencies some try to trick you and say they’re focused on “revenue” or they specialize in brand, but they’re the same.

If you’re ready to re-think your entire approach to demand generation with an agency that’s challenging the status quo – you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll still run the day to day paid acquisition strategies. We actually crush those results.

But we understand the best marketing isn’t about selling features, benefits, and products. It’s about so much more as we live in a world where the buyer has control of the entire process.

We work with only 10 active customers at a time and you’ll always work directly with the founder of B2B Insiders. No middle man, just the people that can help solve your problem and give you the best possible advice.

Oh – there’s one other thing you’ll need to be open to brutally honest feedback on your marketing approach including messaging and go-to-market strategy.

We’re not here to cash a paycheck and tell you what you want to hear, we’re going to tell you what you need to hear.

If you’re ready book a call – 100% of our customers see positive ROI.

MIchael Moynahan

mike moynahan founder & ceo, b2b insiders