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Mike Moynahan here.

I wanted to take a minute to share how the course of my life changed in 2010 - and what that might mean for you...

2015. That’s when B2B Insiders was officially founded - and since then… It’s been a whirlwind of growth. 

  • I’m the founder and CEO B2B Insiders
  • We have have our headquarters in Boston, MA with some 20+ employees
  • Many now consider us the most forward thinking and advanced B2B lead generation company.
  • We work with B2B  clients from around the world and in over 50 different industries, including influencers like Adobe, Google, and hundreds more.
  • We also teach thousands of students how to use the same system to generate a steady stream of cost-effective and high-quality leads month after month

But the truth is, at this point, it’s become more than a business, it's a mission...

I see too many companies that are forced to close their doors because they struggle to generate new business, but I believe that business owners hold the future and that you deserve better. I say this from personal experience.

Early in my career, I needed a system to grow business consistently and keep cash flow steady while scaling my own digital currency startup, Strue. And

I found one. It’s since become my mission to provide business owners with a proven system that will erase the struggle to generate leads. This system now forms the core of my entire company and has generated tens of millions in revenue over the years for our clients.

The secret?

We use LinkedIn to carefully find and connect with targeted high-value, high-quality prospects and then, through a mix of LinkedIn messaging, content, and email campaigns, we carefully build relationships that lead to real business conversations. THIS is how we keep our calendars and our clients’ calendars full. And we do this in a very systematic way that makes it doable for any business.

We’ve been privileged to have been able to help thousands of business owners increase their revenue, find stability in consistent leads and cash flow, and be able to finance the kind of life they truly want to live.

Are you struggling with some of those same issues?

Why not explore your options? Book a call with my team and they’ll explain how our system can work for your business too, as well as the kinds of results you can expect, and they can help you make a decision that you may look back on as a turning point for your business.

Do you need more leads? Let’s talk about it. Schedule your consultation call below.

I’m grateful you're here.


- Mike Moynahan

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