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Our highly experienced team builds customized roadmaps giving you a cost efficient B2B buyer journey covering all stages from awareness, to consideration, to intent (sales). 

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Welcome to B2B Insiders

B2B Insiders (formerly Linked Conversions) was founded when Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016.

OUR MISSION is empower over 100,000 B2B companies with affordable B2B  tools and services needed to attract, engage and convert more ideal target prospects to paying customers. We cover all aspects of the B2B Buyer journey with a variety of solutions all at a fraction of the cost of the traditional agency retainer model.

Since 2016, we have worked with over 1,200 companies across the globe from Fortune 100 to startups in implementing our affordable done-for-services, courses (new) and 1:1 live workshops.

189k+ Leads Generated 1k+ Active Campaigns $124M+ Client Revenue (2016-) 0 Competition

B2B Accelerator Done For You Custom B2B Demand Generation Funnels

There are no shortcuts around building a full b2b demand generation funnel.  And for us, it all starts with LinkedIn for a bunch of reasons. Capture the 3% ready to buy now, save time time buy building efficiently for the long term.


Copy Your Prospects ❤️

Today’s world is NOISY.  Stand out from the crowd.  Across all campaigns currently being managed our connection request rate is just shy of 50%.  


Micro Segmentation

Let us dig out the top 1% most active prospects
from your ideal target audience based on statistical data and other factors.  Targeting is as important as the copywriting.


Predictable Growth

Grow at your own pace as we generate
untapped ROI for you with proven strategies, data driven decisions, and smart recommendations.


Competitive Advantage

Our “Customer Only” B2B Insiders newsletter keeps you informed on the latest LinkedIn
features and trends, and how to take
advantage before your competitors do.


Killer USP (unique selling proposition)

Do you know the unique ‘hook’ angle or USP that creates a positive emotional response and earns their trust? We do.  Our copy structure, targeting strategies are based all on data.  No guesses or hunches.


Granular Engagement Insights

Want to know not just the lead responding, but your most engaged audience demographics? Our demographic analytics show every detail of who is most interested in your offer.

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B2B Accelerator Structure

The combination of B2B Accelerator’s structured phases provide a crystal clear of process, execution, optimization and scale for your B2B demand generation funnel.  Ensuring easy maintenance, and better conversions.


Phase One:


Deep Dive into your product/service, your team, competitive landscape, KPIs, customer pain points.  Everything we need to build a gameplan


Phase Two:


Build a custom roadmap based on what we know already converts, mutually agree to the gameplan and let us get to work on tech stacks, copywriting, all sorts of stuff


Phase Three:


We start building tech stack, sequences, automation etc.  We’ll get to work on mutually agreed to roadmap and record everything we do. Then we do live training.


Step 4:

B2BGo (Optional)

Everything is live, you how to maintain and scale your business with minimal time investment.  You hit the ‘Go’ button.  Ongoing support? We can do that too.  

Real People. Real Results.

Click below to hear exactly exactly what kinds of results customers in a variety
of verticals are getting with their B2B Insiders campaigns.


Dan Russell

Vivd Labs

If you’re looking for a lead generation service for LinkedIn, B2B Insiders is it.Watch Dan’s Story




Marti Konstant

B2B Consultant

On top of the great leads I’m getting, it’s not uncommon now for me to get 7-8X more engagement on my posts and articles, because of B2B Insiders campaign.Watch Marti’s Story




Staci Tubbs

Staci Tubbs Leadership

There hasn’t been anything I’ve done in the past three years, that has had a bigger impact on my business.Watch Staci’s Story



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