How To Add Interests on LinkedIn Profile Pages

How To Add Interests On LinkedIn Profile Pages

Linkedin is one of the biggest social media networks for B2B marketing, not to mention personal and professional branding and lead generation.

But sometimes it’s difficult to navigate certain features.

So if you are wondering how to add interests on your LinkedIn profile pages, look no further.

In our new series on LinkedIn Influencer quick tips, we take a look at the common questions we hear a lot about the platform.

We take a look at its features, the profile sections and how to use them.

Today, we are taking a look at how to add interests on LinkedIn profile pages.

How To Add Interests On LinkedIn Profile Pages – The Benefits

In particular, we are checking out how to add interests on LinkedIn, edit them, and make your profile stand out even more.

Adding interests on your LinkedIn profile allows recruiters and potential customers understand who you are both as a professional, and an individual behind your brand.

It allows people to see your personal interests and understand better exactly how these interests align with your brand and background.

But before I share how to add them to your profile, let’s talk a bit more about what they are, where they are shown, how to add them and what are the benefits of having them.

Let’s get started with the high level overview.


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How to Add Interests on LinkedIn – Getting Started

The user experience on LinkedIn has always been a bit clunky. Some features and functionality are smooth and quite intuitive, and for other LinkedIn features, you have to do a bit more digging to find what you need.

Adding interests to your profile on the platform is considered the latter of the two.

Here’s how to do it.


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Type the name of the brand or group your want to find.

Once you find it. Click on their page.

If you click the three dots, a menu will appear where you can also follow the page.

how to add interests on linkedin profile page


Once you pick the most appropriate interests, make sure they are groups with at least 50k+ followers.

These interests and groups should convey who you are, what your principles and passions are, along with the future direction of your company i.e. people or brands you personally look up to or aspire to be one day.

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How to edit the “interests” section?

A clear and concise display of your profile interests can only be achieved by editing your current interests.

To do this, you should follow these steps for Mobile and Desktop to edit the interests on your LinkedIn profile.

Step 1. Scroll to the Bottom of your Profile Section

Step 2. Click the “See All” Button

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Step 3. Scroll down until you find the brand you want to Unfollow to Edit out the interests on your LinkedIn profile

How to remove interests from your LinkedIn profile page?

The removal progress is the same progression as adding interests in the first place.

If you’ve skipped to this section scroll up for the answer in the edit section.

Don’t Leave LinkedIn Interests on Your Profile Page Blank!

One of the biggest rules of building a professional presence on LinkedIn is to NEVER leave your interests blank

Now that you know the basics of adding interests to your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to put it into action!


Your LinkedIn company interests says more about you than you may know.

At the very least it’s important to have a clear display of groups and brands that align with not just where you are today.

But where your brand is headed on future endeavours as you continue to grow.

However, just like your company page profile, it only works if you make the effort to create real, GENUINE engagement.

Spend the time to engage with your audience, and check your LinkedIn interests list monthly.

What’s important here is to convey domain expertise, and following groups that your top prospect audiences are also active in.  CEO groups, etc.