How to Create Customer Personas The Right Way In 2022

How to Create Customer Personas

If you’re starting out hunting for new prospects, without an ideal customer persona in your hand, you’re doing it wrong

You’ve got to start with your ideal customer persona.

It isn’t as glamorous as crafting multidimensional funnels from the get-go, but it’s critical to making sure your campaigns work.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can create ideal customer profiles that can help you take your sales to the next level.

So, what makes an ideal customer?

Let’s explore this further.

How to Create Customer Personas- What are they?

Chances are, your organization has a top customer that is less work for you than the other 80% and pays more.

They pay on time, they’re low maintenance, and most importantly, your produce or services is having a significant positive impact on their organization.

Don’t you wish you had more people like this buying from you?

That’s the ideal customer profile.

They’re your customers that seem to be a perfect fit for all the reasons mentioned above.

These customers fit a certain bill depending on their industry, needs, geography, and company pain points you can easily solve for.

Where to Find Your Ideal Prospects

If you don’t have an ideal customer profile yet, that’s fine, there are two ways that you can start building it out today.

Looking at Your Current/Previous Customers

Review all CRM data and look at the current customers that you have and your past big ones.

Are there any common characteristics where your LTV is highest?


how to create customer personas


You also want to take a look at who else you had to talk to apart from the DMT (decision-making team), these include technical departments, a particular gatekeeper, etc.

This helps you form a more holistic profile of who your common customer is.

A target customer profile can span more than one industry, but it helps if you can isolate which industry you can sell more to.

This is your target customer persona, although you can create more than one if you have to.

How to Create Customer Personas (Using LinkedIn Ads in “Draft” Mode)

You can also build a draft LinkedIn ads campaign, and familiarize yourself with how ads are run, while using their targeting to help you narrow down specific traits.  Even better if you do it this way, because now your ideal customer persona is built on traits you now confirmed are
being tracked by LinkedIn.

This includes information such as:

  • Seniority/Function
  • Job Title/Position
  • Industry/Business
  • Basic Background
  • Geography
  • And much more

These form the “seeds” to where you can start doing your research on your ideal customer profile.

Think of this as an opportunity for you to do more research about your prospects. This helps you craft personalized content and material that resonates with them.

It will help you be more relatable to them.

You also get the opportunity to look at their pain points and maybe even adjust your campaigns and products accordingly.

Once you get these points down, it’s time to move on to advanced targeting.

Advanced Targeting (Detailed Demographic Makeup)

Knowing their industry and job titles is just one part of the equation.

These are the real questions that they matter.

Who do they report to?

How do they make decisions

What do they want to accomplish?

What are their target KPI’s?

What are their primary pain points i.e. level 1?

What are their “Level 2” pain points?

What kind of issues is likely to be top-of-mind for them?

Where do they go for information?

What publications do they read regularly?

After you ask these questions move on to other pressing ones such as:

“Why wouldn’t this prospect want to buy from me?”

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This immediately gets you thinking about the obstacles that could be preventing a sale from happening and how you can minimize them.

You need to flush these obstacles out from the onset to give your marketing team as much information as possible to make the most informed decisions on how to lower your cost per acquisition and increase margins.

These questions transcend the shallow details that they have readily available and get you into your prospect’s psyche.

This is where you can really get to understand not only how they work, but why they work that way.

Why is this important?

You need this information not only to determine what sort of campaigns you should be using to target them, but also to find out how you can develop your solution to be tailor-fit to their needs.

The lessons from customer profiles can be used to create products that meet exact pain points and it can also drive product development to the next level.

The best products in the market today are those that were developed with the customer in mind.

How to Create Customer Personas – Application

Crafting ideal customer personas takes a lot of time and it isn’t easy to do.

But, it’s a crucial investment to make.

By spending just a couple of hours on creating your personas, you can make it easier for your marketing team to identify, target, and close deals.

Here’s what we mean in action.

Source of Information

These determine the scope of your search, the prospects that we’re looking for are in their middle ages, that work senior positions in established firms.  They make a considerable amount of money so they’re main motivation is probably achievement in their organizations.

You can basically input all of this in Linked Sales Navigator or ads targeting.

How to Create Customer Personas – Goals & Values

This is where you product comes in.

For Jareds, they needs to be able to bring in more and more leads per quarter, your solution must immediately meet these needs.

How to Create Customer Personas – Pain Points

These are the challenges that they face in achieving the primary goals that they have. Does you solution provide a feature that gives them a way out? Does it make their life easier?

How to Create Customer Personas – Common Objections

Refers to challenges that you will have to face in order to get to them. It could be anything from a gatekeeper to meeting (or managing) their expectations in the first quarter of the sale.  Dig deep into the prospect pain points when you’re improving your process for how to create customer personas of your best prospects.  There are many “layered pain points”.

how to create customer personas

As you learn how to create customer personas, you’ll quickly learn it’s the “deepest” layered pain points that are the ones that drive conversions and ROI.

In Summary

You can’t go around creating campaigns without setting up your ideal customer profiles first and knowing exactly what drives them to a conversion.

How to create a customer personas may seem overlys simple, but it has a lasting effect.

Data is critical if you want predictable growth and scalability.

It doesn’t give your growth and marketing team a clear target to go after.

They might be able to get campaigns together, but its not surgical enough to be efficient and effective with your marketing resources.

It allows them to drop prospects with a low propensity to convert and concentrate on the ones that are ready to buy.

Does you organization know how to create customer personas of your top prospects?

If you don’t.

Get one started using this free worksheet.

You’ll be glad you did. Learning how to create customer personas should be the backbone of any good sales process.

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