How to Overcome Sales Objections In 2022

How to Overcome Sales Objections In 2022

How to Overcome Sales Objections – Introduction

Hey it’s Mike Moynahan here. I felt inspired to make this video for you guys today to talk about something really important which is how to overcome sales objections. We all have to do it in our respective industries but especially on sales calls.

There are two major things you need to do here for how to overcome objections. One, is pre-frame the call. So an example of this would be within your calendar whether you’re using Calendly, OnceHub, whatever it is.

Include some language that you’re going to be looking for a straight up yes or no on the call. This weeds out a lot of the tire kickers and competitors. So it cleans up the traffic coming in.  But you also want to make sure you are asking the right questions in the first place.  Hubspot has a great resource here for asking “open ended” questions.

But the 2nd is handling the objection of “let me get back to you.” For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what was going on, I
am choosing the wrong industry being in the B2B space and dealing with long, boring sales cycles.

The reality is prospects just lie. All the time.

Because they don’t want to give away any tells that can be used against them to sell them on something. This is key in learning how to overcome sales objections.

They’re skeptical, they’re skittish, they’re not ready to make a decision even though they need to make a decision.

So you need to take them through that journey so that they not only see the value but are excited to move forward.

So an example of this would be someone saying I’ll get back to you…call them out on it!

Say, you know, Mr./Mrs. Prospect, I can appreciate that but I can tell you I’ve been doing this for a long time and anyone that says they’re going to get back to me has never, ever purchased over a 15 year career as a serial entrepreneur.

So that being said what is it exactly that is holding you back from making a decision today.

Is it the up-front cost. Is it that you need to check with a team member. And so you work the actual pain point. And I talk about something called “layered
pain points or psychology onions just to make it fun but it’s actually quite a serious thing.

Everyone always talks about prospects having just one pain point it’s just not the case.  They many many many pain points. Job security, family, relationship with their bosses or the company. So you want to make sure that you dial in to the pain points or layers of that onion that actually drive conversions.

How to Overcome Sales Objections – Pre-Frame the Conversation

how to overcome sales objections

So a great way for getting structure in how to overcome sales objections is 1- pre-frame on the calendar page that due to high call volume you’re going to be looking for a hard yes or no assuming there is a good fit in the first place.

If it’s a no, you’ll point them in the right direction. So don’t be too aggressive, I’ve made that mistake myself. And the second thing
is that it is better to get a “no” than let them off the hook and say “ok, I’ll wait to hear back from you.”

Because this way you’re in “pole position”. I watch Formula One a lot and I’m a big fan so I’m going to use that reference but essentially what that means is that you’re in control of the entire sales process.

So at the end of the call, you’re disqualifying them as not being a good fit after dialing in those pain points vs. them saying “yeah I’ll get back to you, you’re just another vendor.”

Keys to Overcoming Sales Objections – Example

Timeliness: “We’re too busy right now.”

You’ve likely heard this or something to the tune of: “Contact me in a few months when we have more budget.” This objection happens particularly around the holiday season. In this scenario, you must make it so compelling for them to buy — right now — that they feel as if they’ll truly regret passing up the opportunity.

Overcome the objection: Simplify the buying process in some way, and give them attractive terms that are only available in a specific window of time. Make it clear that “waiting until the first of the year” will mean missing out on a great opportunity.

Before jumping into the conversation, however, be sure to clarify with the customer if you are simply calling at a bad time, or if there is an actual business problem overloading them. If it’s a bad time, find out a better time to call. If it’s a business problem, that gives you the information you need to show how your product will make the customer’s life easier.

Call them out on their bullshit. Dan Kennedy has a great book on how to overcome sales objections.

Prospects lie. Say “I’ve been through this before this isn’t my first rodeo. What exactly is holding you back from making a decision right now?”

You’ll be surprised about how quickly they open up when the discussion goes from not talking about products and services to like “What’s going on? Let’s cut through the noise, cut through the bullshit, and can we figure out a way to offer you a solution that you’re going to be excited about today?”

Because anyone says that they’re going to get back to you in a few weeks…Bullshit.

Not going to happen. So 1- pre-frame the call and 2- it’s critical that you dial in to those deeper layered pain points to understand not just what drives action but what is driving their inaction. They don’t want to be sold, their skittish, you have to go into their understanding and frame of mind, but you have to steer the conversation in a way where you maintain control. That’s been a pain point of mine on hundreds of sales
calls for years.

Hearing “Yeah, sounds good.” And then they just don’t buy. Prospects that say they’ll get back to you later?

How to Overcome Sales Objections – Conclusion

how to overcome sales objections

Don’t let them off the hook. It’s better to get a hard no and move to prospects that are more interested in hearing about what you have to sell than just a death by 1,000 cuts.

So I hope this helps you understand exactly how to overcome sales objections.

Be on the lookout some more content. I want to get more “real” with the stuff I’m sharing talk about things like founder burnout and not only marketing strategies that we’re using but really just have some real, frank, no B.S. thoughtful conversations about the journeys that we’re all going through
and have any services we sell be secondary.

We’re moving more to a model where I am just focused on quality of life and not trying to build the next Amazon.

So again keep this in mind. Preframe on the calendar, don’t let prospects off the hook, they’re lying, get to their pain points.

You’ll be surprised more often than not that when you did in to those pain points, that conversions are going to start happening for

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