Shocking Revelation! New LinkedIn Automation Restrictions

LinkedIn automation abusers and spammers beware:

It’s confirmed that over the next few months, LinkedIn is and will be split testing boarders (message restrictions) to measure user impact across the entire platform.

There’s a new rule on the horizon that’s finally going to take out your kneecaps: 100 max invites per week.

Yes, you read that right.

100 max invites. Per week.

At some point over the last month, LinkedIn REALLY started cracking down on the number of invites you can send out per week.

Before this time, the max number of connection requests was largely dependant on a fairly simplified algorithm taking into account invite acceptance rate, the percentage of people hitting the “I Don’t Know This Person” link and other factors.

Not any more. And good riddance I say.

Hat’s off to LinkedIn for finally cracking down on things.

This limitation will greatly reduce the number of spammy accounts running on the platform.

The “Dear Sir or Madam, I do SEO” messages are exhausting just to read.

LinkedIn Automation Restriction “Message”

The LinkedIn Automation restriction warning goes something like this:

You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit

Connections benefit you more when you know them personally, so we have weekly limits to encourage better networks.

For people you don’t know, you can follow them to see their posts or send an InMail instead. If you’d still like to send an invitation, please try again next week.

linkedin automation

Seems LinkedIn is split testing now boarders in the next months to measure the Impact along all their users.

If you’ve been using automation…why not just stop now?

There are hundreds of profitable strategies that can be used to generate new leads and customers on LinkedIn, without getting your LinkedIn automation restriction message.

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