The Most Powerful LinkedIn Company Page Optimization Guide for 2022

LinkedIn Company Page Optimization Guide

Is your personal LinkedIn profile growing steadily?

Perfect. Now, it’s time to take it to the next level and connect all that lovely free, warmed up traffic to your LinkedIn Company page.

If you really want to grow your brand and give it the recognition it deserves, you need a LinkedIn company profile page.

It’s a critical component of your overall growth strategy not because of the page as a siloed channel but because of all the other benefits that come with driving traffic to this page.

So, shall we get started on that company profile page?

Optimized LinkedIn Company Page – The Benefits

We all know how powerful a strong worded and properly formatted personal profile is, and your company profile is equally as important.

The main reason we advocate our clients build this page is because you can retarget company page visitors with LinkedIn ads.

Think about it.

Your team can drive free targeted oganic traffic from their personal page profiles to the company page, where you can then serve up ads right at the moment of intent.

By using a company profile page, you give life to the company page to be the backbone of your Linkedin growth strategy.

However, this does not mean you should give up optimization efforts on your personal profile page.

Your personal profile page is supposed to be an extension of the company’s brand with your own personalization. And, it serves as a way of giving additional social proof to the Company page before they even make a visit.


linkedin company page optimization


At a high level the company page is the collective LinkedIn footprint for every team member in your organization.

Plus, it’s another medium for you to generate a passive lead generation campaign!

Can You Get Away Without One?

No.  The question is, why NOT build one?

As you grow bigger, you grow your brand, and even though you actively promote your brand on your personal page, it still needs to have a “home.”

Your company’s home for many different reasons is the company profile page.

It is the singular hub where your team can mention that they work with you. It’s an address where your prospects, followers, and your customers can tag you in, and you communicate with LinkedIn on who you want to serve your ads to.

But, most importantly, it gives your brand it’s own identity on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Company Page – Getting Started

The first step is to have a personal/member profile up and running. Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn requires that a company profile is managed by a real profile.

Go over to the upper-right side of your LinkedIn feed and click on “Work.” Click on “Create a Company Page.”

create linkedin company page

This will take you to a new page with options to create a LinkedIn company page for small business, a medium to large business, a showcase page or and educational institution.

For this example, we’ll go ahead and click on “Small business,” which is also the starting point for people – and startup owners – who want to start transitioning from promoting their personal page to their company page.



Once you pick the most appropriate option for your startup, you can now proceed to filling out details about your company.

You start off with the company name. You don’t necessarily have to put in the suffix of your company such as Inc., Ltd, etc. The basic name of the brand or the company will do.

Fill out the custom URL you want to use, so this is basically the name of your company or its initials. If it’s taken, pick out another variation of your company name.

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Keep in mind that you want to make sure that custom URLs on all the platforms that you’re visible on have to be uniform for maximum visibility on search engines.

If you’ve got a website, make sure to include that to. A link from a social network might not do you wonders in general SEO, but it helps improve your site’s backlink profile.

As you fill out the necessary information, you’ll find a preview section on the right hand side.

create linkedin company page

LinkedIn gives you a list of industries that you can pick from, in addition to company headcount and industry.

Make sure you upload a PNG of your logo and position in the center.

Lastly, you have the option to include a tagline for your company. This is similar to a headline on a personal profile. Make sure that it’s catchy and that it has a keyword or two.

If you want ideas on crafting copy for your profile so you stand out from the crowd, you can check out our free webinar on how to get 5 sales meetings this week.

By doing this you can entice prospects to click on you and improve your search visibility on LinkedIn.

Now all that’s left for you to do is click on the checkbox, and hit “Create page.”

LinkedIn Company Page Banners

Do you want to tell people more about your company?

Then, use the company profile banner wisely.

This is a prime piece of real estate that can easily communicate your mission to your prospects.

What Can I Put on My Company Page Banner? (And, Examples)

We chose to go with a picture of the exterior of our office because we felt like our exterior easily communicated our culture to our clients. (Plus, we think it looks pretty bada** and in-tuned with our branding.)

Apple does an excellent job of reflecting brand esthetics onto their company culture. Their building communicates the great (and futuristic) facilities that they have, and it helps you understand the brand at a glance.


When you’re first starting out, you can choose to follow the personal profile banner approach by mixing various elements and including a call to action. This way you can maximize your visual real estate.

Use a tool like Canva to create a banner for your company profile page. You can do it for free and they have easy-to-use templates that you can easily fill out.


canva linkedin banner


LinkedIn Company Page – About Us Section

The next area that requires your undivided attention is the “About Us” section.

This is where you get to showcase your brand or company, and tell people a little more about what you do, what your mission is, and why you’re different.

Keep your paragraphs short, down to three lines if you can, to optimize for mobile viewing.

If you’re first starting out, follow the personal profile option and stick in your company’s contact details up on top. This way it makes it easier for people to contact your company if they’re just browsing through.

Put in a list of all the things that you do and don’t forget to talk about your company values and why your customers trust you.

As soon as your team members start tagging your company page. Pay attention to button clicks, views, etc.  These metrics go hand in hand with your LinkedIn ads metrics.

As you can see, it follows very similar principles as the Personal pages, but with some very important caveats.

Growing a LinkedIn Company Page

Growing a company page follows the same pace almost the same pace your personal profile page.

But, it can soon pick up the more you spend time with it.

  • Engage with Prospects – one way of getting momentum with your page is to make sure that you engage with prospects interacting with your page.  This will boost visibility with tags, which you should always reply to with another tag and make sure you take the time to share a quick reply.
  • Post, then, share personal team posts – building traction with your linkedin company page an happen today if you upload your ebooks, your whitepapers, and other lead magnetics.  Be active, there is no magic bullet or secret sauce for replicating genuine, one to one engagement.
  • Upload video content – if you’ve been following our blog and our content guides, we’ve always highlighted using video because it’s one of the most engaging forms of content. And LinkedIn is clearly betting big on video ads. You can start by refreshing video posts on your company page that you previously shared on your personal page. Important Note: there’s a tab on your company page that’s dedicated to video.



Your LinkedIn company profile is the conduit to your personal pages and your ads.

At the very least, it allows your team members to properly tag the brand.

However, just like your personal profile, it only works if you invest some time into engaging your audience.

Spend the time engage, post, and optimize.

It’s an invaluable resource if you’re growing your brand and your business.

You could get one today or you could get one in a year.

What’s important is that you get your brand identity locked in to your URL. Like our LinkedIn Company Page here.