How to Hack the New LinkedIn Connection Message Restrictions for 2022 [Part 1 of 2]

How to Hack the New LinkedIn Connection Message Restrictions for 2022

New LinkedIn Connection Message Restrictions – What are they?

Effective as of the middle of 2021, LinkedIn changed it’s algorithm, so that now all users are capped at 100 linkedin connection message send per week.

That being said, there isn’t a LinkedIn connection request limit per day, but per week. Be careful when connecting with people to not get caught in the platform’s jail, don’t mass connect on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn jail is when your LinkedIn user account is suspended for sending too many connection requests in combination with receiving too many persons declining your connection requests. If you are thrown in LinkedIn jail, you likely have to wait for 5pm local time for your account to be released from suspended status.

Generally, you are thrown in LinkedIn jail up to three times before they shut down your account. However, if you are mimicking non-human behavior (like leveraging a bot), LinkedIn reserves the right to suspend your account and then require you to send some form of identification in to release your account. Whatever you do avoid getting caught in LinkedIn jail.

In all cases, remember, again, there’s a LinkedIn connection limit, do not send all of the connection requests at one time. Spread it out throughout the week.

Here are some additional recommendations for avoiding LinkedIn connection message restrictions according to LinkedIn:

Here are some suggestions for you to avoid getting restricted from sending invitations:

New LinkedIn Connection Message Restrictions – Why We Agree With Them

There is absolutely no reason why you should be connecting with more than 20 people per day in the first place.  For some reason lead generation agencies have done an excellent job convincing their customers that new connections equate to qualified sales meetings.  Have you ever taken calls exclusively from LinkedIn connection and outreach messages?  I will tell you first hand back in the day they were qualified, now the quality is awful due to overuse of automation tools by lazy marketers.


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New LinkedIn Connection Message Restrictions – Solution

Watch the video the below for exactly why you’ve been using LinkedIn connection message wrong in the first place, and how to fix it so the right message gets delivered at the perfect moment, leading to conversions.  Really, what else should you care about from a marketing perspective than conversion metrics and ROI?

Or click here to watch the video on YouTube.


In addition to what is covered in the video, here are some additional recommendations for avoiding the new LinkedIn connection message restriction entirely:

Recommendation 1: Don’t panic

Seriously, don’t. Some kind of change was going to happen at some point. Social media doesn’t stay still!

This is why it’s so important to build an omni-channel “eco-system” of people to listen to your marketing message, and never be over reliant on one particular platform.

LinkedIn is still a very powerful tool for you. It’s still the world’s most up-to-date prospecting platform. You just need to change how you use it.

Recommendation 2: Keep using automated tools – at the right touch point

I’m a big fan of automated tools, because they free up your most precious and finite resource: Time.

Automated tools have always been against LinkedIn’s terms & conditions, but when used with care and attention they have immense power.

Just make sure you use them in the RIGHT way in your B2B buyer journey.  There are top of funnel strategies, and this was and now certainly is never a top of funnel strategy.

There are plenty of other ways to build a rock solid top of funnel (TOF) awareness campaign without the risk of getting your profile banned.