How To Hack The New LinkedIn Connection Request Limit in 2022 [Part 2 of 2]

How To Hack The New LinkedIn Connection Request Limit in 2022

New Connection Request Limit – Introduction

The new LinkedIn Connection Request Limit has sent many businesses into a tailspin as they’ve been far too reliant on marketing automation on LinkedIn to generate more leads and sales.

The limitations and restrictions of the LinkedIn connection request limit continues to evolve. What used to be 3000 connection requests a month, that is 100 connection requests a day has come to just 400 connections a month and that’s just 100 requests a week in 2022. If you still intend to connect with individuals exceeding your limit, then you’ll either have to just follow them to view their posts or you can prefer to send an Inmail to them.

linkedin connection request limit

How is the current LinkedIn connection request limit affecting users?

This situation forces people to automatically spend on Inmails and premium accounts while sending Inmails to your potential leads can be exceptionally expensive and not practical for most.

However don’t fret, we have one simple hack for you in the video below to bypass the LinkedIn connection request limit in 2022.


Some additional tips to avoid running out of invitations

  • Do not spam!

Sending out random invites not only depletes your invitations but also decreases your value in the platform. The LinkedIn connection request limit was previously based on outdated algorithm that was used to work upon the positive responses of your connections. Therefore send out requests only to people you know and people who work in your domain.

  • Prioritize leads

It is important to study leads and assess them so that you understand how important an individual is. You have limitations and restrictions on how many people you can send out connection requests to, so be mindful of whom you add and allow in your network. Learn to prioritize who is important to you and who needs to be in-network at the moment to make the most out of the connection.

LinkedIn Connection Request Limit – Option #2

Open InMail Campaign

Regarding the new LinkedIn Connection Request Limit LinkedIn’s business blog states that:

“More than 50% of prospects open up InMails. This is because InMails targets three touchpoints [Specialized inbox, main inbox and it triggers phone push notifications] with the prospect instead of just one — automatically increasing your chances of a positive reception.”

And what’s best, if you have a premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription, you can send up to 800 open InMails per month to other open accounts.

Although, we’d recommend warming up your InMail to a MAX of 25 per day. With this strategy alone, we managed to book 14+ calls a week with InMail.


Then you can start sending free cold InMails that bypass the LinkedIn connection limit.

And remember, since the connection limit is 100 a week (or 400/month), and the InMail limit is 800/month, you’re practically tripling your outreach limit by using InMail.

LinkedIn Connection Request Limit


To recap, the average weekly LinkedIn connection request limit for most people is around 80-100 requests per week.

But there are ways to go around that limit. Such as:

  • Optimizing your account and warming it up to boost your limit.
  • Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and understanding SSI to reach out to people.
  • And creating an omnichannel outreach strategy. Use open InMail, cold emails, and even a tool like Expandi to create an audience you can target ads to.

No matter what you do, in the end, putting in a focused effort is what matters. So pick one of these strategies, or combine them to create your own, and start reaching out to businesses today.

linkedin connection request limit

But, if you’re ready to take this to the next level, you can get started with scheduling a free demo with our B2B growth team today!

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