How to Create a Kick A$$ LinkedIn Cover Story in 2022

How to Create a Kick A$$ LinkedIn Cover Story in 2022

LinkedIn once again continues to impress in 2022, introducing several new video-oriented features to their platform.

The rollout started with LinkedIn stories and has now expanded to the LinkedIn Cover Story, which gives you the opportunity to introduce your profile via video.

What is a LinkedIn Cover Story Video?

One of the new LinkedIn features in 2021 is the Linkedin Cover Story Video. These videos can be a maximum of 30 seconds long and live on your LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn Cover Story Video will reside in the same area as your static LinkedIn profile photo.  It doesn’t replace your profile picture, per se, but they exist in the same space.

Once you upload your 30 second LinkedIn cover story video, you’ll see an orange-colored circle appear on the edges of your profile image.

linkedin cover story

In search functions, your profile photo will still appear as usual. That said, now when a viewer clicks on your profile, your LinkedIn Cover Story Video will automatically begin to play silently in your profile image bubble.

Users can then choose to click on the video to activate the sound.


Watch the video below as I created my own LinkedIn cover story for my personal profile.


According to LinkedIn:

“At the heart of our ecosystem is our creator community. People love to see creators give their take on what’s happening in the news or share insights into a specific industry — whether that’s a post, a video, an article, or even a comment. If this is you, check out the new creator mode in your Profile dashboard.

With creator mode, you can add hashtags to indicate what topics you post about the most — for example, #design or #mentorship. It will move your Featured and Activity sections to the top of your Profile to more prominently display your content,  and change the “Connect” button to “Follow,” to help you engage your community and build a following.”

Even if you sound slightly more robotic in your video introduction, it’s forgivable as long as your video has a high-quality appearance. What does this mean? Two words: lighting and sound.

LinkedIn Cover Story Video – Quick Tips

Videos are likely to be the new engaging way to make yourself look slightly more interesting than everyone else on LinkedIn, and they’re going to take a bunch of forms.

That said, think a bit about what you would like your audience to see before just shooting a random video.

Some people will shoot terrible videos that will actually hurt their chances; most people will shoot mediocre videos that just say exact what their LinkedIn profiles already say.

Some will overshoot their videos, turning their resumes into a Star Wars-like creation that will either get them more engagement to their profile than ever before, or earn them ridicule on a random LinkedIn post.

Don’t be afraid to script or structure your introduction, but keep it natural.

After all, you only have 30 seconds.  So in this case, every second matters.

For starters, you want to think about what you’re going to say before you say it.

If you feel more natural going impromptu, great, but you’re still going to benefit by writing down your general talking points—perhaps even having them on a screen in gigantic font so you can quickly glance at them, if needed.

And if you’re speaking off the cuff isn’t your forte, you may want to script it.

Personally, I just love this new feature.

It’s an incredible way to bring a static, boring profile image to life, providing the LinkedIn user the opportunity to not just talk about their product or service.

But share their personality in a new and engaging way never seen before by profile visitors.

Remember – first impressions count!