How to Create the Perfect Eye-Popping LinkedIn Headline in 2022

How to Create the Perfect Eye-Popping LinkedIn Headline in 2022 (3 Tips)

Want a simple way to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile, land more job interviews, and generate more leads? Look no further than your LinkedIn headline.

Your headline is one of the most visible parts of your LinkedIn profile and it’s a huge factor in that person’s decision to reach out to you or move on to the next person.

It’s also a major factor in LinkedIn’s search algorithm. Headlines carry a lot of weight when the platform is deciding which profiles to serve up for different queries.

Optimized, laser targeted headlines = more searches, more searches = more views, and more views = more opportunities and deals.

If you’ve read this far, you probably know that your LinkedIn headline is important. But you’re also wondering how you should be optimizing it, what you’re supposed to be doing.

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to write a crazy effective LinkedIn headline that will get you more visibility, more job interviews, and more qualified leads.


What is a LinkedIn Headline and why are they important?

Whether you are a professional looking for a job, recruiting suitable job seeker, or seeking professional acquaintance, Linkedin can help you in your mission.

And to make the best use of one of the best and largest professional platforms you need to understand that it is important to present yourself in the most effective manner.

With that said keep in mind that your Linkedin headline is a very important aspect of your profile that can either open the windows to opportunity or limit them.

Just as you curate headline for resumes, you need to create a Linkedin headline.

The first thing that a potential recruiter or prospect sees is your profile headline whenever they come across your Linkedin profile.

Look at the Linkedin headline example attached below to see how easily one recognizes you from your headline for Linkedin:

linkedin headline example 2


LinkedIn Headline Tip #1 – Focus on Your “Micro” Target Audiences

You need to exactly know your audience is- insights you will continue to gain as you run LinkedIn ads, or go viral with organic content.

Are you calling out your prospects in your LinkedIn headline copy, letting them know exactly who your services are and more important are NOT for?

Are your best customers being spoken to directly in your LinkedIn headline?

Think of your headline as fluid, ever present and invaluable component to you and your team’s LinkedIn profiles in general.

After all, it is the first thing your target prospects see in search results.

Using emojis is a great way to spice up your LinkedIn headline and company pages, too.

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linkedin headline

LinkedIn Headline Tip #2 – Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition

Once you get the attention of your targeted audience you will see immediate click throughs to view your full profile more.

Remember, it’s not just great copy that makes a great LinkedIn headline.  Consider bold, italics, use of emoji’s and keep it always evolving and fresh.

Whether you are a job seeker or looking for potential job seekers, you must highlight your professional value proposition.

And do so in a way that makes it enjoyable to navigate the content in your LinkedIn headline.

Remember, we only have 2-3 seconds to capture the prospect’s attention.  Call them out, their pain points, and use a strong call to action (CTA).

linkedin headline

LinkedIn Headline Tip #3 – No Bragging!

Empty vessels make more noise so keep a watch of what you about in your Linkedin headline.

Keynote speaker screams to me of ‘snake oil’ salesperson.

Keep it simple and short while also maintain a genuine professional approach.

There is no harm in blowing your trumpet once in a while but you need to do it in a humble manner especially when it comes to your Linkedin headline. If done in the wrong way it can backfire and affect your chances of making connections with others.

Unless you have a notable accolade there is no point including words that makes you seem like self-absorbed professional basking in some insignificant glory.

Here is a great (and rare) Linkedin headline example for the right way to highlight your cool factor

Next Steps: Updating The Rest of Your LinkedIn Profile

At this point, you should have a clear understanding of what a great LinkedIn headline looks like and how you should go about upgrading yours.

But headlines are only one part of the full LinkedIn profile optimization. If you want to tap into the full potential that your profile can offer, you’ll want to make some upgrades to your profile picture, your cover photo, your About section, and the rest of your profile as well.

The good news is, I made it easy for you!