How to Find the Perfect LinkedIn Marketing Agency [4 Tips]

How to Find the Perfect LinkedIn Marketing Agency [4 Tips]

LinkedIn/B2B marketing departments are constantly evolving. Over the past 10 years, marketing teams have undergone a seismic shift to accommodate changing technology, millennial consumers and employees, and to breakdown silos between marketing and the rest of the business.

Most brands are seeking agency partners to provide a spectrum of services, from tactical support to creative strategy and content innovation. And they need a partner that can adapt and evolve along with their marketing needs and opportunities.

So, the question is: To find that LinkedIn marketing agency that can grow and adapt to your needs, what should you be looking for?

In our humble opinion, the best brand/agency partnerships help brands stay ahead of their competitors with integrated strategies, an eye on the latest and greatest, and the ability to measure and iterate on the success of campaigns. Here are some key characteristics that you should be on the lookout for.

What to Look for in a LinkedIn Marketing Agency

#1 –The right LinkedIn marketing agency has an eye (and hand) on emerging trends.

As LinkedIn continues to evolve, brands and marketers need to adapt their digital and content marketing strategies to not only stand out from their competition and reach their target audience audience, but connect and resonate with buyers. And that means carefully investing in new types of content and strategies.

Of course, dipping your toe into new waters can be scary, and you’ll need to set aside time, resources, and budget for testing new mediums and following trends. And at the end of the day, you need the expertise to get it done. That’s where an experienced agency partner can help you gain traction.

#2 – The right LinkedIn marketing agency practices what they preach (with proof to show).

Most LinkedIn Marketing Agency experts will talk about amazing results they’ve achieved from their clients.  But, if you ask them how they are acquiring their own leads internally, it’s often times through another strategy than the one they are selling!

This should set off red flags for anyone looking to hire a LinkedIn marketing agency.  If they are touting themselves as the LinkedIn “gurus or experts” shouldn’t LinkedIn be their primary traffic source for lead generation?

90% of LinkedIn lead generation companies get their leads elsewhere like outbound email, simply because they haven’t been able to make LinkedIn profitable for them yet.

At B2B Insiders, LinkedIn is the only thing we do all day everyday.  We offer performance based packages, and training sessions that result in results like you see below from one of our own internal ad campaigns.

linkedin marketing agency

#3 – The right LinkedIn marketing agency challenges the status quo by testing new offers and boundaries

At B2B Insiders we offer 100% performance based marketing programs on occasion to continually test how we can make the economics work at scale for an offer like this.

This can be a great benefit when it comes to providing companies a zero barrier to entry offer that allows the client to pay as you grow, cultivating a long term relationship with us.

At B2B Insiders, we just knew the Microsoft acquisition is going to turn LinkedIn into the next dominant traffic source.  We even wrote about it here back in 2017.

#4 – The right LinkedIn marketing agency is 100% data driven

The data you collect from your LinkedIn ad campaigns should serve as the backbone of your marketing strategy, no guesswork or hunches.

Strong ability to interpret data effectively are a key factor in creating high ROI LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

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The agency place within your marketing department will continue to evolve as your team does. And partnering with right LinkedIn marketing agency can provide you with a partner who will help you innovate tactically and strategically, while providing your in house team with the support they need to reach their goals in 2021 and beyond.

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