LinkedIn Privacy Mode – 3 Ways To Protect Your LinkedIn Data For 2022

LinkedIn Privacy Mode –

3 Ways To Protect Your LinkedIn Data For 2022

LinkedIn Privacy Mode – What is it?


One of the things that can lead to a significant amount of revenue for B2B companies if leveraged properly is LinkedIn’s feature showing exactly who has visiting their profile.  A great icebreaker that can be leveraged in a variety of ways.

What if you’re visiting a profile more for gathering intel, and you would rather not have them know you’re viewing their profile.

There is an option for that too – changing LinkedIn’s privacy mode settings.

It’s easy to change your settings to Private Mode.  Simply click on Settings & Privacy:

linkedin privacy mode



LinkedIn Privacy Mode – Tip #1

Controlling Profile Visibility


This may be a ‘no brainer’ for some, although ‘being seen’ can be leveraged in many different ways throughout the B2B buyer journey.

How do you go from showing all profile info to viewing other users anonymously?

Go to Visibility, then ‘Visibility of Your Profile & Network’ and then ‘Profile Viewing Options to choose your level of exposure or anonymity depending on your intent.


linkedin privacy mode


LinkedIn Privacy Mode – Tip #2

Control Who Can See OR Download Your Email Address

This is a big one for LinkedIn privacy.  And will without a doubt reduce the number of unsolicited emails.  Yikes! The default settings with everything toggled on frightens me a bit.

I digress.

Back to fixing this.

We’re still in Visibility of Your Profile & Network’ now moving down to the ‘Who can see and download your email address.’  Make SURE your email is set to ‘only visible to me’.

linkedin privacy mode

And always make sure to toggle off to “No” allowing connections to download your address.  Who would want this given away willingly in the first place?


LinkedIn Privacy Mode – Tip #3

Profile Visibility off LinkedIn

Another frighten one the inevitable fusion of Microsoft and LinkedIn data, existing in one massive data silo.

I’m a hard “no” with showing my profile to users of “permitted” services (notice Microsoft’s “Outlook” reference).

linkedin privacy settings

And always make sure to toggle of to “No’ for sharing your profile information to users of “permitted” services.


Listen, I’m a fan of LinkedIn.  That said I’m not a fan of their default privacy settings, which leave their users incredibly exposed.
If you have any questions about the above, or additional security precautions you should take with your LinkedIn digital footprint, get in touch here.