The Future of the “New” LinkedIn [Plus 11 Amazing New Features!]

The Future of the “New” LinkedIn [Plus 11 Amazing New Features!]

If you’re a decision maker in a B2B company and responsible for filling your sales pipeline and LinkedIn is not your top traffic source.

Your behind the times, and it’s time to catch up.

Back in 2017, I wrote an article on LinkedIn about this very topic, as a prediction now turned reality </endselfpromotion>.

You can read the original Pulse article by clicking on the image below.

linkedin pulse article

1. Competitor Ad Transparency

Currently, LinkedIn offers all users the ability to view a company’s ads if it has been seen by at least one member in the past six months.

This is without a doubt a double edged sword for B2B companies. a double-edged sword for companies

On one hand, advertisers now have even more visibility into what their competitor’s ads look like. This is perfect for crafting a strategy to combat a competitor and beat them at their own game.

I created a video you can watch below that will take you step by step on how to do a little of your own competitor ‘spying’ on LinkedIn.

2. Company Growth Bidding

Lastly, LinkedIn launched a new targeting feature that is sure to make growing companies thankful. Advertisers can now show ads to companies based on their rate of growth. LinkedIn bases their growth rate on the following:

  • Growth in employee totals
  • Inferred data from other similar companies

LinkedIn already has some of the most sophisticated targeting options out there, so it’s exciting that they continue to find ways to utilize their data and further innovate.


3. Optional URL Scraping

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring the most joy. For example, previously, if a user made any change to an ad’s destination URL, the image and headline would automatically be replaced with what could be scraped off the final URL. Thankfully, this little annoyance is an issue of the past.

Now, when users update an ads URL, they have the option to scrape the site for a potential image, saving advertisers the pain of having to re-upload ads due to a slight URL change.


4. Company Growth Rate

This new feature allows you to target just those companies that have a growth percentage over time. These rates are only available for those companies which LinkedIn has data. These rankings follow a series of premises that LinkedIn produces, relying on aspects such as revenue or employee. The different classifications established by the company are:

  • Negative growth companies.
  • 0% – 3% company growth.
  • 3% – 10% company growth.
  • 10% – 20% company growth.
  • +20% company growth.

You could use this new facet to boost your B2B marketing efforts, for example, to target those companies with a high-growth rate to boost your brand awareness and to exclude those businesses with a poor growth-rate. This will also save you tons of time when designing an accurate customer persona of your ideal clients or customers.

linkedin growth rate

4. LinkedIn Ads Retargeting (video views)

The most common misconception we hear from B2B companies is that advertising on the platform is too expensive.  This may have been true in the past, but now we are acquiring sales qualified leads for our clients on LinkedIn at the cost of a single click on Google Ads.

A great way to achieve similar results in your own business is to retarget based on video views.

Simply put, video retargeting on LinkedIn is about running ads to people who have already seen one of your videos. LinkedIn lets you segment video audiences by what percentage of the video they watched. You can then run different ads to people who watched further in the video than those who dropped off quickly.

The ability to segment audiences based on user behavior is where the content comes into play. You can intentionally tell a story by controlling the order in which you deliver video content. With this approach, it’s important to map out your LinkedIn ad sequence before producing the videos. All of the videos need to work together.

linkedin retargeting video views

5. Automation Restrictions (new connection request limits)

It’s confirmed that over the next few months, LinkedIn is and will be split testing boarders (message restrictions) to measure user impact across the entire platform.

There’s a new rule on the horizon that’s finally going to take out your kneecaps: 100 max invites per week.

Yes, you read that right.

100 max invites. Per week.

At some point over the last month, LinkedIn REALLY started cracking down on the number of invites you can send out per week.

Check out our latest article here on the new limits for 2021 and beyond.

invite limit linkedin

6. LinkedIn Stories

Stories have been guaranteeing more views on every platform. A 20-second video or an image you share as the story stays active for 24 hours.

You can also add stickers or overwrite impactful texts to it as well. Your followers can send you direct messages as a reply to these stories and strike a conversation.

LinkedIn Stories are perfect for announcing relevant tips and hiring alerts, or any essential corporate updates.

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7.  LinkedIn Ads Retargeting (lead gen forms)

Recently LinkedIn introduced Retargeting by Lead Gen Forms.

This feature, will accelerate the ROI of any LinkedIn ads campaign.  It is one of the best ways for marketers to stay connected to an audience based on how they interacted with a Lead Gen Form that is attached to an ad in the Feed or a Sponsored Message.

While this approach is a new way of reaching audiences on LinkedIn, we’re seeing marketers globally take to this tactic. Recently we analyzed over 2,000 campaigns to understand how marketers are using this tactic successfully.

linkedin lead gen forms

Important Note:

Focus Your Campaign Budget by Excluding Those Who Submitted a Lead Gen Form.

Also I should mention there is a bit of confusion here and for good reason.  Currently, we can’t just target ‘lead gen form opens’.

Our matched audience options are ‘open and submits’ and ‘submits only’.

So, we’ll need to create a list that includes everyone, and then exclude the submissions.

To do this effectively, you have to pay attention to the “matched audiences you create.  Go to “Account Assets”.

linkedin account assets


Then create a Matched Audience for all Form Opens and Submits.  We usually use this for the past 90 days:


linkedin lead gen form


Now, create a secondary audience for LinkedIn lead gen form “submissions only”. We usually use this for the past 90 days here as well:

linkedin lead gen form

Now, we’ll be able to target all form opens in our audience targeting, and exclude (or include) the prospects that already submitted the form so they don’t see the same ad again.


8.  LinkedIn Cover Stories

LinkedIn’s looking to help users share more of their personal story, and maximize their on-platform presence, with the addition of a range of new features for individual member profiles in the app.

First off, LinkedIn’s adding a new video cover story option, which will enable users to add an introductory video that people can view when they visit their LinkedIn listing.

As explained by LinkedIn: 

“Once you add your Cover Story, an orange ring will appear around your Profile photo, and a preview of your video will auto-play silently within your photo frame (we like to think of it as the “Harry Potter” effect). And, stay tuned for captioning capabilities coming soon. “

linkedin cover stories


8.  LinkedIn Creator Mode for Profiles

And lastly, in what may be the most significant of the new additions overall, LinkedIn’s also launching a new ‘Creator Mode’ for profiles, which will enable users to showcase their on-platform activity and engagement in a whole new way.

linkedin creator mode


8.  Live Streaming

Live videos get on average 24x more comments than native videos produced by the same brand.

However, Live still isn’t available to everyone. In order to gain access, users have to submit an application form for review.

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Broadcasters also need to use a compatible third-party streaming tool in order to host a Live event.

9.  Reactions

Just like Facebook reactions, users can now respond to a LinkedIn update by pressing and holding the like button and choosing from a range of different expressions: like, celebrate, support, love, insightful, and curious.

linkedin reactions

10. Polls

Whether your topic is light and frivolous — like email sign-offs — or something more serious — like HR policies — polls are an effective way to get a quick pulse check from your professional network.

Careful with polls, however.  Because they do get a TON of engagement, users are implementing polls a bit too much.  Often times on silly questions that hurt your brand reputation more than anything.

That said, LinkedIn Polls can often times serve as an excellent springboard for conversations.

11. Carousel Posts

“Carousel” posts aren’t exactly new for the platform— in fact, the feature doesn’t even officially exist!

But we have seen a surge in people sharing interactive, scrollable posts on LI over the last few months.

So what’s the secret? LinkedIn documents.

LinkedIn documents can be previewed in a scrollable format, making them a perfect cheat-code for brands and businesses looking to share dynamic, engaging galleries of images on the platform.

linkedin carousel posts


12. Video Meetings

Video meetings are now easier with link sharing capabilities in messaging. Now you can share the links of your upcoming webinars or Q/A sessions, interviews, and more with your 1st degree connections.

You can use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Bluejeans for hosting these. To start a video meeting with another user, open their chat window, and click on the video icon to select the preferred hosting app.

13. Name Pronunciation

The platform’s new name pronunciation feature is a simple but effective addition to the platform, and it’s great for promoting inclusion in the workplace.

Thanks to this new feature, users can now record a 10-second audio clip and add it to their profile, so other users can listen to the recording to learn how to correctly pronounce their name.

name pronunciation