What a handful of our 200+ clients say about working with B2B Insiders

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dorin mkala

"I came across B2B Insiders through their founder Michael, because our business development team mentioned they wanted to expand their presence on LinkedIn.  So far from what I hear it's been a huge success."

Dorin Mkala

Head of Human Resources, PM Group


"B2B Insiders has a much more macro-view on LinkedIn as a whole.  There hasn't been anything I've done in the past three years that has had a bigger impact on my business than working with Michael and his team."

Staci Tubbs

Founder, Staci Tubbs Leadership

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"We initially reached out to Michael because we were interested in his full-service program, where B2B Insiders would do all the work for us. He came back and said he thought we'd be better off, in terms of return on investment, with the Accelerator option. And it's worked out really well for us, so far. We already have our first leads, even though we haven't finished the program."

Alden Bourne

Founder, Berkshire Naturals

gus kennedy

"B2B Insiders has a very specific system for improving lead quality, volume and without any high risk automation tools.  We're seeing double digit improvement at every stage of the sales pipeline because of the lead quality."

Adam Spencer

Founder, Idea Connection

emma charlton

"We were looking to build out our partnership ecosystem leveraging LinkedIn.  The flexibility of the pay-per-lead model is what pushed our decision to work with B2B Insiders.  The lead quality is very high, transparent, and to date it's been a working relationship we are thankful for.  Thanks to this amazing team!"

Emma Charlton

Director of Strategic Partnerships, HC-One


"I'm already generating thousands of new views on my content, allowing me to build and nurture my network of new connections at my pace, over time."

Marti Konstant

Founder, Konstant Change


"As an agency who only takes on a couple of clients every year, we are very particular about the types of projects, and they types of people that we engage with, and so Michael and his team took the time to really learn that, and they separated themselves from all the other lead generation agencies that I hear from a lot, all the time, because they took that time to learn."

Dan Russell

Founder & CEO, Vivid Labs

Sam Gadi

"B2B Insiders was a critical partner for us at each stage of growth as we continued to leverage them to build more partnerships and expand our client roster."

Sam Gadi

President, Channel-EZ

paul oliver

"The pay-per-lead system B2B Insiders for me allowed me to fill my pipeline from zero to $1.45 million in only seven months. It was 100% plug and play. The system works!"

Paul Oliver

Chief Product Officer, Vida Healthcare

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"I even wrote down the confirmation number and that "so and so", first new client generated from working with B2B Insiders.  The Michael and his team are doing is invaluable, and will continue to grow as leads generated early on are now coming to a close."

Todd Crowley

Managing Partner, Tower Hill Financial