Most People Don't Know
B2B Lead Generation Is About These 5 Things...

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Omni Performance is a 100% done for you pay-per-lead model being tested to determine if the economics are viable at scale. Client seats are limited to 25 per month.

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Steve Raju, Founder, Conversion Pioneers


Staci Tubbs, Founder, Staci Tubbs Leadership

1. "Psychology Onions"

Pain points are not as easy to identify as you think.  There are many layers to a prospect's pain points.  The "deeper layers" are the ones that drive conversions and ROI. 


My prospects need help getting more leads (no)
My prospects are startup founders that need more leads so they can raise the next round of VC funding with minimal dilution to existing shareholders (yes!)

Marti Konstant, Founder, Agile Career Project

2. "Hyper-Personalization at Scale"

We use custom variables so much in our copywriting, it looks more like programming than copy.  This is a good thing, because it means that each individual prospect will receive a message that caters to their pain points, and will look nothing like the message sent to a prospect in a different vertical. The days of having one generic message you can send out to 100 prospects with a handful of follow up messages are long gone.

3. "Ownership of Weakness"

There are a million "B2B lead generation agencies" and "B2B lead gen consultants."  When is the last time you ever heard any of them raise their hand, and address what they can't do?  Honesty is in short supply these days.  We use this to our advantage.  We'll craft a message that does this for your business, too.

Steve Duke, Owner, Duke Business Advisors

Alden Bourne, Founder, Berkshire Naturals

4. "De-Escalation of Friction Points"

Make sure your call to actions come much later down the buyer journey.  Up front, you should be delivering as much valuable as possible.  This gives way to a less defensive posturing by your prospects when you do ask for the sales meeting.  Show them you are listening, watching, learning and understanding the problems they are really facing.  Run more tests, keep track of results, and smooth out each and every step along the way.  This is an ongoing, data driven process should never have an end in sight.  No matter how large your organization is.

5. Framework ≠ "Without Change"

There are high level aspects of the customer journey that never change, i.e. "Awareness" (Top of Funnel), "Consideration" (Mid Funnel) and "Intent" (Bottom Funnel).  Within these stages, if done right, prospects should be moved in and out of multiple channels, with the appropriate, on point messaging for each stage.  The tools used to do this, however, change at lightning speed.  If you're interested in having our team do all the heavy lifting, with full transparency on lead definition and us taking on all the risk for you, click below to get started.

Dan Russell, Founder & CEO, Vivid Labs