New! Revolutionary Pay-Per-Lead Service For Early Stage Founders

Fill your B2B sales pipeline without any of the risk.



The Pay-Per-Lead service is a new model we are testing to see if this is something we are even interesting in scaling with paid ads.  At a high level, the objective is to solve for the pain points we hear from clients constantly, as described below, while additionally reducing the barrier to entry for getting started with a trusted growth partner (us!).

We're a small shop ourselves, but not early stage, as we have absolutely no plans to build a big marketing agency.  Clients seats are capped to 20 per month for this fully managed service.

We no longer do free consultations for performance based services - consultations are for enterprise only ($25,000+/month in marketing budget).  If you have questions about this service, ask them in our chat, and we'll get back to you as soon as we become available.

Read on for more information!

Please note, as of 11-25-22: 3 Seats Are Available

The problem:

  1. No due diligence from marketing vendors.  Cookie cutter services.
  2. No in-depth understanding of your target buyer
  3. Poorly written copy that is in complete disconnect with your prospect's frame of mind.

    1. NO: "I need more leads" is not a pain point.
    2. YES: "I need more leads that are high quality and inexpensive so we close more customers and raise the next round of funding with minimum dilution to existing stakeholders." 
  4. Lead definition: No transparency which shows a lack of quality in service.  Leads to disputes.
  5. Long term commitments, multi-month contracts.
  6. No guarantees.
  7. General market saturation: 1 million agencies saying the same exact thing.
  8. Sometimes it's you - the client - carrying a bad experience from one engagement to another. Sometimes valuable partnerships are lost because the vendor, who is good at their job and in no short supply of clients, fires the client because they're being micro managed.  I've been guilty of this, and will take ownership (this is Michael/founder speaking).  

The solution:

Our proprietary Whirlpool System.

A 100% performance based, omni-channel service combining LinkedIn and outbound email (no ads needed).  

We only get paid when we deliver you results.

One battle tested omni channel framework we build for you, inherit all the risk up front, and only get paid on results.

A small recommended ads retargeting budget is recommended, but it's not mandatory.


  • Whirlpool System 100% done-for-you pay-per-lead service combining LinkedIn and outbound email
  • Custom DFY copywriting based on best practices and what's proven to convert 
  • All required tech stack and software included (you purchase Sales Navigator)
  • Strict and 100% transparency re: lead definition
  • Real time new lead notifications delivered straight to your inbox or CRM
  • We do everything including purchasing and warming up domains, email addresses and more
  • No contracts; either side can cancel anytime

Please note, as of 11-25-22: 3 Seats Are Available

Who this is for:

  • Senior/C-level decision makers of businesses reaching out to other senior/C-level decision makers
  • Perfect for agencies and consultants with  product/market fit and in depth knowledge of target audience
  • Anyone looking to grow without any big commitments, up front costs and total flexibility
  • Clients that are low key and understand that we really don't get paid unless we do our job, so it's best to let us do it

Who this is not for:

  • Micro-managers, people with through the roof blood pressure
  • Businesses with less than $5k/month in revenue, you are better suited learning to grow past this stage yourselves
  • No politics
  • No gambling
  • Nothing unethical whatsoever 
  • No loan offers

Next steps:

  • Choose your plan, Complete the questionnaire
  • Schedule your onboarding call with Michael personally
  • Get invited to our new private Google drive folder where we collaborate
  • Neither side is beholden to the other, high integrity people only. Please and thank you!

Please note, as of 11-25-22: 3 Seats Are Available

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Please note, as of 11-25-22: 3 Seats Are Available