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In 2021 LinkedIn™️ experienced 22% YoY growth.   Despite this just 11% of companies purchased ads.  The time is now for your team to take advantage of this soft competitive landscape and scale for profit.

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Getting Started

If you are an business owner or expert with an existing business making at least $10,000 /month and you’re interested in filling your sales pipeline while spending less, and running your business using scalable, self-sufficient process —

Schedule a demo and let's discuss your needs, or click below to secure a seat and go to our onboarding questionnaire.  Client seats are very limited, we have absolutely intention of growing into a big agency!

If you do take action, the next steps are:

  • Book a Demo Below
  • Assuming we're a good fit make your payment via Stripe here. We're paranoid about your info, we use no 3rd part checkout pages.
  • Complete the Questionnaire questionnaire (please take your time on this and provide thoughtful answers)
  • We will set up and invite you to our new collaboration workspace in 24-48 hours with onboarding instructions while we get to work on your campaign. 

Who it's for

If you’re a B2B consultant, a funded startup SaaS or IT company, or agency with an existing business making at least $10,000 /month and clients that love your offer, this is for you. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with: Selling a high-ticket product or service, getting more sales appointments, customers and clients consistently, and hitting your sales goals — and scaling based on the data, not guesswork.


What it helps you achieve

My team and I fully manage the entire process:

  • Create a differentiated unique value proposition and offer your market needs desperately.
  • Convert strangers to paying clients with a sales call conversion rate of 35%+.
  • Build a client acquisition system that converts strangers to clients in 7 days.
  • Get a paid ads built by a pro media buyer who managed $40m+ in ads
  • Run your entire business by the numbers, so it’s predictable, consistent, and highly profitable.
  • All work we do is Backed by an iron clad guarantee in writing
  • If your average transaction value is $2500 or above - it's impossible not to profit (even if you aren't good at sales)

How it works

We give you everything you need while making the entire process hands off for you and your team so you can focus on closing.


  • Questionnaire: Fill out our questionnaire - we'll get to work on developing a deep psychological understanding of what makes your ideal buyer convert, and identify the most active "micro-segments" of your ideal target audience that will convert best.

  • We Do The Work: We do it all - from copy, creatives, video, audience targeting and the latest growth hacks we use internally.  The results?  A full sales pipeline of C-level sales qualified leads that are being acquired for less than what LinkedIn recommends you spend for a single click.  We give you a guarantee in writing and you want can hand over the keys to the campaign, or we can scale it for you.
  • Lifetime Updates: Get lifetime updates to strategy and campaign updates. Stay ahead of new trends as LinkedIn and the digital landscape evolves.


Why act now

Since the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn in Q4 2016, LinkedIn ad features and functionality have been 1000% re-vamped and put on steroids.  LinkedIn is finally beginning to catch up to Facebook and other platforms re: new features and functionality that ultimately lower your cost per acquisition (CPA). 

Despite these new features and the high quality nature of LinkedIn ads traffic, only 11% of business on LinkedIn are running ads on LinkedIn. To not capitalize on this lack of competition is insane!

This creates massive opportunity to be a first mover in your business vertical with a highly scalable and profitable ads campaign.

You've probably heard "LinkedIn ads don't work" or "LinkedIn ads are too expensive."  Wrong, and wrong again. We're here to make your business a case study that supports this claim, and guarantee the outcomes so you know exactly what you're getting.

Book a call below and ask about our new guarantee and promotion.


Clients ❤️ Us

You will learn more about B2B Insiders from what our clients say about us than anything we can convey. 


Below are REAL live ads from our LinkedIn account of recent client testimonials.  If you're interested in achieving this level of scale and profitability with LinkedIn ads, schedule a demo below.

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