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Supercharge Your Sales In 2022 With Michael Moynahan.

Add New Revenue Streams Your Clients Will Love, Put Your Client Billing On Autopilot, Lower Your Cost Per Customer Acquisition By 40%.

A note from Michael

As you will note in my training on buyer psychology, crafting copy in the 1st person (I, we) is the easiest way to lose someone's attention.

Thus, I will keep this to bullets:

  • 3X Founder & CEO (mobile commerce, behavioral analytics, digital currency in partnership with Harvard Law School Berkman Center For Internet & Society, MIT Media Labs)
  • Two successful acquisitions.  1 massive failure.  Always learning.
  • Worked with hundreds of clients from startups, Fortune 100 to U.S. Government
  • Early stage investor in Web3/MarTech

Yes, this may be a bit vague. 

But it's with intent.

Trusted By Leading Global Brands Across A Variety of Business Verticals:


What Is The Whirlpool System?

The Whirlpool System is a proprietary framework I've built based 15 years in B2B growth hacking, thousands of A/B tests and $40,000,000 in ad spend managed. 

Basically, I've tested every strategy known to B2B marketing across every vertical.

I ditched the losing strategies, kept the winners, scaled the winners, then fused everything together to create the most battle tested and profitable buyer journey anywhere in the B2B ecosystem. 

The Whirlpool System leverages 3 main traffic sources: LinkedIn (which in itself contains 10-15 'micro' traffic sources) outbound email, and retargeting ads on a small budget.  The ads component is just to get it 'live', collecting data, however in the end will be your primary traffic source for new business only after you close your first few clients using organic, free traffic.

I've included some resources below that may help answer some of the questions you have when you arrived here.