Hi. I'm Michael.

Talking about oneself is the easiest way to lose your attention.

Thus, I will keep my background to bullets:


  • Serial Entrepreneur/CEO (mobile commerce, behavioral analytics, digital currency in partnership with Harvard Law & MIT Media Labs)
  • 2 successful acquisitions.  1 massive failure.
  • Trusted by hundreds of clients from startups, Fortune 100 to U.S. Government.
  • Scaled the B2B Insiders (growth agency) from one person operation to 20+ employees, 7+ figures in ARR.  Scaled back. Now I'm a derivatives trader full time.
  • Building a pre-launch waiting list for our new free Discord group to talk about all things derivatives assets and trading in general.  No products or services of any kind will be sold.  Just for fun.  At least some trading experience mandatory required. Always do your own DD and don't rely on other group members.  This is a knowledge exchange ONLY.

Yes; this may be a bit vague.

But it's with intent.


Michael Moynahan
B2B Insiders

Join The Discord Waiting List

Join the Waiting List

Join the waiting list for our free Discord community for all things derivatives trading. All members pre-screened to ensure high quality content. No BS, hate speech or SPAM will be tolerated.

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